Proposal Discussion: Zoran - Part-Time Employment

Hey Everyone,

I’m looking to increase my contributions to DXdao, and this post is my way of figuring out how to provide value to the ecosystem best starting sometime next month. I’m expecting some vocal feedback and suggestions, that will help me evaluate the best places to contribute.

About me:
I’ve been involved with crypto since September 2016, primarily with writing news and other content types, including reviews, press releases, deep-dives, analytics, social media posts, and once, a bespoke soft-porn fictional story that was requested from me.

I’ve learned a great deal about marketing and copywriting over time, and I’m always keen on using these skills for the benefit of others (and practicing.)

Ideas that come to mind:

  • Publishing regular DXdao (and products) news updates on my website (
  • Creating and managing a DXdao publication on Medium that covers all products and the DAO
  • Supporting Inglandia with the DXdao content strategy
  • Writing Press Releases to pitch to external media outlets (for the entire product line)
  • Providing editorial support for DXdao members that wish to create written content.
  • Proofreading technical documentation
  • Curating content for our social media channels
  • Sending pitch emails to media publications and following up on communication
  • Creating a spreadsheet with media contacts and publications

All in all, I would be able to contribute 60-100 hours per month towards DXdao.

Please let me know what you think about my ideas, which one you like the best and what you dislike, and if you think/feel that they are un/necessary.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your response.