Proposal - Creation of Web3 Login Plugin for Discourse


The proposal will create a Web3 login plugin for Discourse. It will pick up where Boris Mann’s proposal left off in the Genesis DAO.

The Web3 login will be used in a new Discourse instance that forks DAOtalk and creates a new forum, but the plugin can of course be used in DAOtalk as well. The new forum will have a dedicated roadmap to decentralization, with this being the first step. Additional work beyond this Web3 login will likely be funded by PrimeDAO when it launches, but we welcome the DXdao as co-funders as this work progresses.


5000 USD worth of ETH.

The funds will be held in a stablecoin until the job is completed. If the job is not completed, the funds will be returned to the DXdao. We estimate 2 months for completion.

No REP is asked for as Curve Labs does not participate in DXdao governance.

Persons Involved

The work will be coordinated through Curve Labs with a front-end developer. See his LinkedIn:

My own:


Interesting! We definitely need to work for a more decentralized forum solution! A few questions:

  • The idea is to link a Discourse account with an ETH account?
  • How would the login work?
  • Ultimately every message and topic in the forums will have a hash of the content and a signature of the hashed attached, right? It would be great to show a footer note in every content shared on the forum with the content hash, content signature and signer, and verify the signature on the client side of each post.

I think the content hash and signature are very important, thats the core value of the feature, to see content that can be cryptographically verified.


Yes. We would likely use something like Web3Connect w/ WalletConnect Support for mobile (as mentioned in the initial background discovery by Boris Mann)

Not for this proposal, no. But in future proposals, yes. We will likely end up using Underscore Protocol for this.

The long-term picture is to fork Alchemy and merge (a decentralized) Discourse commenting/discussions into it so it feels like a seamless communications platform.

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Hi everyone!

I have something similar working at my discourse (, it’s a plugin using as a Identity Provider. allows login in with Ethereum address to any OpenID Connect compatible software (discourse, rocket chat, etc).

I’ve recently setup an instance of discourse with login limited to JAMM token holders for Brian Flynn, I can setup one for you if you’re interested.


That’s really cool!
Being able to reuse the everyday tools that people use but using an ETH address as your identity is super powerful.

Hey folks,

I had a great conversation with @xunkulapchvatal on his execution.

One issue we discussed is that if we want to hack Discourse further (such as having the DAO manage membership in the forum) his implementation would not be ideal.

With this, I’d like to move forward with the Web3Modal integration, unless there are further comments on this proposal I will be submitting it to the DAO shortly.

Hey @papa_raw,

I am personally not a fan of trying to fix web 2.0 and with that The DXdao has two active initiatives with the goal to primarily improve the way DXdao organises and develops and in general positions itself as a collective which accepts to go the hard path to push decentralisation forward.

My hope is that the DXdao collective (REP and DXD holders) use for communication and governance. Things like threads, chat are possible already and soon hopefully signal vote throughout your ethereum address which holds DXD/REP will be possible. It is important that the DXdao is not building on top of obsolete technologies which are controlled by a few (like, which can go offline anytime). We are actually forced to go all in decentralisation and sovereignty which will take time and effort.

The other important initiative is to allow any human in this world to contribute to development through . I am against forced registration throughout which exposes your identity. Also, with the DXdao on-chain system can actually be part of the repository governance.

Those two initiatives are longterm, but it is important to care about it now to actually be a collective which will make sure we are getting there.