[Proposal] Community Building and Marketing (ICOcountdown)

Posting this on behalf of @ICOcountdown:

Dxdao represents the next step in the evolution of decentralization. I am excited to be a part of its growth! I look forward to continually advancing our mission, and supporting in any way that I can. Currently, I am using my existing user base to spread the Dxdao vision.

Here are some things that I have done:

  1. Listed Dxdao on the website www.icocountdown.com | Over 1 million lifetime views
    2 Post recurring Dxdao updates on my twitter https://twitter.com/icocountdown | 16k followers
  2. Created a thread on Bitcointalk, periodically update https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5249737.0
  3. Manage the Dxdao trading group on telegram and advocate for Dxdao on my personal company telegram | 6K members
  4. Using pooled funds to run competitions and produce marketing material (1 Competition thus far, more to come). The current competition is for some fun sticker designs. We plan to commit 1K+ of personal funds towards community building (Growing as we see fit). If you have some ideas, please message @bucketpro on telegram.

Holding REP gives me a chance to further participate in expanding and managing our dao.

Requested Resources
3,000 Rep

Future goals include setting up a multiparty managed REP address. The goal is to create a liquid, fast-acting community that uses pooled funds for quick activities. For example, incentivizing social media engagement - Small tasks that may require an additional incentive. It would be awesome to see a smaller dao manage the REP and a different set of pooled community funds for quick actions.

Recommended changes or input is welcome! Thank you!