[Proposal] BizDev Governance and Product focused request for value & REP

DXdao contribution past 8 weeks

This proposal covers the 8 week period (Jun 26th - Aug 21th) that I have been operating as an active part-time contributor to DXdao, contributing regularly to many varying aspects of the DXdao ecosystem. Once again, I am submitting this proposal AFTER contribution and work performed for DXdao.

Following my first contributor proposal, I have become a more active participant in DXdao. I am an active contributor to all weekly bizdev, governance and regular dao calls in addition to regular contributions to keybase and forum discussions.

Some of my deliverables over the past 8 weeks are:

Initiation, organization and coordination of the bounty and completion by all parties involved in the Dune Omen Dashboard.

Updated the “How to Use Omen” guide to Omen v1.1.3:

User incentive program:
Incentive/Rebate Program for Users (30 day test)

Active participation in DXdao Governance discussions, weekly calls, Governance formation.

DMM governance:

Initiation, creation and organization of the DXdao Manifesto:
Initial:The DXdao Manifesto - Google Docs
Written:The DXdao Manifesto - Written (for edits & additions) - Google Docs
Latest version expanded by Chris: DXdao Manifesto v2.2 - Google Docs

Continued active representation of the DXdao participating in the Panvala program, membership to Panvala Caucus, and organizing DXdao’s contributions during Panvala League Matching for Batch 7 providing ongoing updates.
Summary: Panvala Staking Cluster - Signalling - #9 by sky


To continue the success of DXdao being one of the key community clusters within Panvala, we are now preparing for Panvala League Matching for Batch Eight (September 2020).

Contributions to DXswap strategy around launch and liquidity mining.
Product quality assurance

Proposal Summary:
Work Period: 8 weeks from Jun 26th - Aug 21th
Time commitment towards the DXdao has been on average 15 hours per week, for a total of 120 hours over 8 weeks
Senior, Commitment Level 3, rate 4000 USD/month (160 hours) $25/hr rate
120 hours = ETH equivalent of $3,000

REP: I am requesting 0.25% for the entire 8 week period. This is less than full time contributors per month, but has a small bump because I am still a low REP holder, I am requesting almost as a numerous series of bounties (compare to some bounties REP earn potential) and I have been contributing for 8 weeks with no known reward.

Proposal Request:
ETH 7.8 (at ETH price of $385)
REP 0.25% (3,245 REP)

I am open to hearing any thoughts. Thanks.