[Proposal] Biz Dev, M&A, Strategy and Community Proposal Request

I am submitting a proposal for future contributions to the DXdao from September 1 - October 31 (including past part time from Aug 22 - Aug 31).

I have been contributing to DXdao for the past four months on a part-time basis. This proposal makes the jump to becoming a full time contributor for an initial two month period.

Below I have laid out a series of responsibilities which vary across different topics including strategy, business development, partnership and internal DAO projects, but I am open to changing and focusing depending on the needs of DXdao.

Proposed scope of contribution:

Business Development & Strategy around Product:

  • Omen
    • Deeper focus on strategy, growth and partnerships
    • Work alongside design and developers on future of Omen
    • Idea for Omen Dashboard - one that users and liquidity providers can use that tells them everything they need to know - Think “Zerion for Omen”
    • Create additional assets to improve the Omen experience such as guides like “How to Use Omen” guide
    • Grow Omen users
    • Start up an Omen-focused strategy call
  • DXswap - Strategy, growth and partnerships
    • Help establish DXswap strategy around social tokens
    • Link Mesa IDO interest to DXswap success
  • Product roadmaps - Additional products / longer term vision

Research M&A “Migrations & Absorptions”:

  • Research, gather, analyze and report the ongoing developments in this vertical to the DXdao community
  • Given what DXdao is, there is new dynamic forming related to how people and entities interact with DXdao and vice-versa. We are seeing the benefits of people, ideas and projects joining the DAO versus competing with DXdao.
  • Migrations - Focus on generating, crowdsourcing, developing and executing strategies around products in an open-source world.
  • Absorptions - Helping DXdao coordinate the absorbing of ideas, workers, protocols and other thoughts to make DXdao stronger.


  • Contribute to and join the DXtrust Research Team
  • Governance as a service
    • Ambassador to DMM - lead effort for first live example of GaaS
    • Prove use case and leverage into future use cases
  • Continue to improve DXdao Governance
  • Team up putting in place budget and business plans
  • Push along forming of DXdao Guilds
  • Regular active contributions to across the forums, keybase and calls

Community Development & People Resources:

  • Focus on growing the DXdao community and ecosystem, including DXdao’s representation in the developer community, DAO community, DeFi community.

  • Manage DXdao video community communication

    • Record weekly call and manage YouTube
    • Expand DXdao related video content to other areas
  • Push DXdao’s initiatives related to other communities

    • Example: DXdao’s deeper participation in Panvala League allowing DXdao to direct open source funds focused on DeFi and decentralization.
  • Trial Urbit for DXdao

  • Other initiatives DXdao comes up with

  • People Resources and Recruiting

    • Work to fill current needs of DXDAO
  • Leverage participation in other communities to spread DXdao interest and absorb in more talent - developer and non-developer

  • Communicate the the benefits of contributing and joining DXdao

Customary to other’s past proposals, I am including professional qualifications:

  • 15+ years in domestic and international finance with major global financial institutions (JPM, BNP, Standard Chartered) growing commodities and foreign exchange sales businesses, covering clients across US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South America.

  • 4+ years in tech industry - 3rd employee leading Sales and BizDev building out social e-commerce start-up

  • 3+ years working full-time in Ethereum/blockchain space

    • Partnerships & Platform Development with POA Network/xDai Chain
    • Sales & Partnerships with Whiteblock Inc, builder of the leading end-to-end testing and development platform for distributed systems
    • MetaCartel DAOHaus contributor
    • Active in NFT, MetaVerse, digital art communities
  • Summary of professional experience on LinkedIn profile

DXdao related past contributions:

Proposal Summary:
Under the guidelines, I am identifying as an Expert worker with a commitment level of 4 and the scope of contribution is for 2 months (plus part time 10 days from Aug 22 - Aug 31).
I am requesting $9k + 0.333% REP to be paid as $8k in ETH + $1k DXD, with $4.5k of ETH paid at proposal approval and the remaining $3.5k when completed and DXD vesting normal schedule.

Feedback/comments welcome


So i think the most problematic thing with your request is how much salary you want to be paid in ETH rather than DXD bc it suggests that you prefer to less skin in the game regarding the success of the DAO.

I disagree with this assessment. Sky is asking for REP and DXD which I think indicates skin in the game and also is consistent with the worker guidelines here: https://alchemy.daostack.io/dao/0x519b70055af55a007110b4ff99b0ea33071c720a/proposal/0x11934f3831906c55e3dc738bc5943022bfbefbe92ee2a9b64492a20f2c6bc7c4

Beyond that, Sky has also made a lot of contributions to DXdao products and more. And frankly, $4.5K per month is not a competitive salary, at least in the US.

I do agree with the general idea of using vesting DXD as a more significant aspect of compensation guidelines. Just based on recent comments like this in the forum, this seems to be a popular idea from a DXD holder perspective. This makes sense, but personally I had previously thought that DXD holders would perceive the disbursement of DXD from the treasury, even if it’s locked for a period, as a bearish signal. And I also think there were other voices pushing to not use DXD early on out of concern for putting pressure on circulating DXD. While the worker guidelines were a nice achievement in getting consensus on a somewhat contentious issue, it feels like it’s time to revise them. Some things I’d like to see in a newer version are DXD playing a larger role, more competitive total comp, and simplicity. @Powers broached the subject of revisiting compensation on the last governance call; see Governance Discussion: Wed Aug 26 15:00 UTC


Its not the amount, its the split that i am taking issue with. I think all of you guys are kinda of underpaying yourselves compared to how other dapps are currently operating. Its just those other dapps/daos are leaning heavily on their own tokens in addition to paying fiat, and fiat curious types of salaries. There is also a clear analog to this kind of payment scheme in normal tech companies, who lean heavily on their own equity to pay up for talent.


Completely agree - the compensation structure needs to be re-engineered to align with the long-term interests of DXdao. The current worker guidelines do not incentivize workers to receive compensation in DXD. All contributors should be financially aligned with DXD holders.

But Sky’s request is in line with the current guidelines. Your points underscore the need for a better compensation structure more broadly.


I think i have heard it now several times from other community members that they think youre underpaying yourselves. So by all means, pay yourselves more :wink: just do it with dxd so we all feel like we’re in this together. Bc the tricky thing about rep right now is that its still has a pretty small distribution of accounts and the DAO has a whole shit ton of DXD presently


I like releasing as little DXD into the market as possible, so being paid mostly in ETH and REP with some DXD is sensible and arguably pro-DXD. I’d vote for this. Glad to have you onboard Sky.

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Based on the approved changes to the worker compensation guidelines, I am updating the payments for this Proposal.

Based on:
Latest worker compensation guidelines proposal
Latest worker compensation guidelines doc
I am identifying as a full-time contributor with experience level 5.

This would alter the full compensation to:

  • 16,000 USD to be paid in ETH with 50% to be paid when the proposal gets approved and 50% on 31/10/2020 when the work agreement finishes.
  • 12,000 USD to be paid DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff.
    The DXD price is taken from the buy price of dxtrust.eth.link at the time of creation. The vesting contract would be created and funded in the final payment the 10/31/2020 and use 09/01/2020 as the starting date of the vesting.

On the proposal that passed 4,500 USD was payed in ETH, so the balance to be payed is 11,500 USD in ETH and 12,000 USD in vested DXD.

I plan to submit two proposals for this balance, one for the ETH balance and 0.333% REP and the second for the DXD to go into a vesting contract.

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