Proposal Accountability

Genesis is moving towards a more decentralized form of accountability (please see this proposal showing our first step in this direction).

I created a spreadsheet meant to track the status of proposals that have been passed. This is a small step to ensure we are held accountable until we have a better system in place.

As best practice, I think everyone should be accountable for their own accountability: If you have a proposal on this list, please include any links or information demonstrating your completed work (as a comment) and I will include it within the spreadsheet. Also, please let me know if you would like any additional information added to the sheet.

For those who don’t include any information… you may get your Rep slashed along with a refund request…


Thanks for stepping up there, Eric!
For simplicity’s sake, maybe we could resurrect the the good old proposal tracking spreadsheet or at least have this new iteration as another tab in the same file ::]

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I would say let’s use the spreadsheet I created for now since it is way leaner if that is OK with you?

Sure, what about at least putting a link cross referencing both spreadsheets? My concern is mostly about continuity and good archiving.

Makes sense! I’ll make it visible on the page :slight_smile:

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This very interesting article on Decentralized Teams Accountability suggest to use “accountability partners to distribute the task of holding each other to account”.

An easy way to get this to work with our existing process could be to have that accountability partner(s) responsible for updating the spreadsheet & do whatever tasks is needed (i.e. check the work delivered is of minimum quality).

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The old one did have more detail and tabs, looks like. It winds down in April 2019.
The new one ends in July 2019, as per proposal by Dmitry, passed prior to that.
So, three months later, what’s the replacement?