[Project Update]Community: DAO and decentralized collaboration spreading to Chinese community

Original project link:https://alchemy.daostack.io/dao/0x294f999356ed03347c7a23bcbcf8d33fa41dc830/proposal/0xd5a57e970c43516c0ea4c794a1ed2d05980205d4212738f1293c9df6887c6261

Project update:

  1. Engaged 3 community member from China to work on the project and completed the landscape research for DAOstack, Aragon and Moloch in Chinese, completed wiki here:

  2. Published the proposal application process on Alchemy in Chinese on public media : https://bihu.com/article/1290722742

Next step:

  1. Consolidate the research for DAOstack, Aragon and Moloch into media journal and publish on cryptomedia and wechat platform