[Project Showcase] Polkaviz

Hi guys,

This post will serve as a showcase + discussion thread around Polkaviz - a project born out of PolkaDAO.


Visualize the following diagram with real data coming from Alexander Testnet.

Link to live visualization: http://polkavizproject.surge.sh/

In detail:

The project tries to kickstart data visualization efforts on the Polkadot ecosystem which would potentially decrease friction in user onboarding and adoption.

There are complex concepts like how actors nominators, validators, collators, fisherman interact with each other and how processes like election in NPoS mechanism happen, how validators and nominators rewards are recorded per session and relayed after an era.

The visualization attempts to give a mental map of how things work under the hood.

Proposals : Funds

The following list describes the timeline of how Polkaviz got developed

  1. Polkaviz - Proposal 00: 1000 DAI + 0.02% REP
  2. Polkaviz - Proposal 01: 1000 DAI + 0.02% REP
  3. Polkaviz - Proposal 02: 1000 DAI + 0.02% REP

Progress logs over the course of the proposals listed above.

Please drop your feature requests, feedback!