Priorities Board Monthly Checkin - March 27 17:00 UTC

Phase 2 of the Restructuring and Refocus proposal approved the creation of a Priorities Board to help manage coordination across different stakeholders in DXdao. Check out February’s meeting notes & video. And click here for January’s. For the latest Priorities Board on the ESP app click here and an explainer/FAQ here 2.

March’s meeting will take place on Monday 2023-03-27T15:00:00Z2023-03-27T16:00:00Z . You can add it to your calendar here. The call will take place in the DXdao Jisti here.

This month, we will take a step back and look at the overall program and how to improve it. Then a re-organizing of the priorities to align with Guilds’ Q1 reports.


  • Overview of current board
  • ESP, snapshot & how to get signal
  • Q2 priorities and changes

Anything else to add? All REP & DXD holders are encouraged to attend or at least signal their priorities. This is helpful to understand the overall sentiment of the DAO.

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