Priorities Board Monthly Checkin - January 24th, 17:00 UTC

Phase 2 of the Restructuring and Refocus proposal approved the creation of a Priorities Board to help manage coordination across different stakeholders in DXdao.

There will be a monthly meeting where we go over the current priorities, discuss their ranking and open for submissions. After the meeting there will be a vote/poll on re-ranking the priorities, and then the same process a month later.

The first meeting will be in under two weeks, on Tuesday 2023-01-24T17:00:00Z or 17:00 UTC. The meeting will take place here: Jitsi Meet. You can add to your calendar here.

Check out the post explaining the priorities board and the first crack at posting one:


Looking forward to the first call.

I’d like to adjust DXgov’s priorities to be more concise and better capture their current state without any overlap between the priorities:

  • Governance 2.0 (contracts+DAVI support)
  • DAVI on chain accessibility UX
  • DAVI social UX
  • DAVI expansion (more gov systems)
  • DAVI DAO setup wizard

Slides for call:

Call will take place here:


Great first call. Link to Priorities Board spreadsheet, screenshots below.

New submissions accepted for two more days. Voting starts on Jan 31

Background & process

New DAO tool

Implementing the priorities board is a bit of a challenge given current tooling, because it needs to do ranked choice voting but also weight by REP & DXD. Luckily hacker Louis is working on a similar tool and presented it on the call. It’s very modular architecture that enables a lot of flexibility. He is able to get a snapshot of token balances, REP or any on-chain data and then assign a certain weight to them that a voter can use to express their preferences. So a 1% REP might give you 100 “points” and 250 DXD might give you another 100 “points” to give away to sort the priorities however you see fit. You could give 100 to one, 92 to another and then just 1 each to 10 others. Very cool tool. Here’s the repo. :crossed_fingers: it will be ready for first round of voting in 7 days.

The Priorities Board(s)



There was not much disagreement about the initial set of priorities, some rearranging in for Voice Guild. I chalk this up to the coordination and consensus around the guild budgets. If there are additional comments about what is a good priority or what is a bad one, please leave them below

Guild execution

Brief discussion by several Guild leads on how they are executing on priorities and how it’s important to have the right terminology. A couple slides from @ross 's presentation for DXgov