PrimeDAO social vesting contract for PINC reward

Here are the parameters for my ‘social vesting’ in place of Vesting contract creation because of current gas fees:

beneficiary: 0xa7e48a6f4d19a60b6fa72fd15b247915fb0aea6a
start: 1611510521
cliffDuration: 7905600
duration: 31536000
revocable: true

Vesting request: 20,000 PINC . Link to proposal:


Well my first try went a little wonky but this one is much better. Thanks Pat and Ruben for the clarification session!

Commons Stack participated in this past gov process. According to the ambassador org voting process we are eligible for 5000 Prime and would like to start vesting from Jan. 18, 2021.

Here are the parameters for our ‘social vesting’ in place of a mainnet vesting contract because of the currently high gas fees:

beneficiary: 0x53428BecB185232d7E1fc38520847C1F3F5835b6
start: Jan. 18, 2021
cliffDuration: Apr. 18, 2021
duration: Jan 18, 2022
revocable: true

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