PrimeDAO Ecosystem Call #3, 5 Nov 2020 Notes

  • Pedro Parrachia is coming up with a new proposal: Check Discord pre-proposals channel to give your feedback!

  • Chris from Effect AI continues with translations for key documents into multiple languages, spreading information about PrimeDAO on a number of platforms.

  • Dr.Adel Messiry puts up a proposal for translation into Russian and Arabic.

  • CurveLabs progresses with the Prime Liquidity Manager, and the interface for DAO to govern it. This was only done by PieDAO, until now.

  • Dave updates the developments with the Prime Router: proposal will be up soon, with a couple of partners like Paramount and Protofire collaborating.

  • Felipe updates the community on his amazing Primebot designs

  • A podcast with Alon is coming

  • Video tutorial for Mesa IDO participation is being produced

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