PrimeDAO Ecosystem Call: 10 December 2020 Notes

Opening Discussion on Stable Act

  • Greg is writing a piece on the stable act- a double edged sword.

    Regulation to protect average investors isn’t fit for our ecosystem. so if that is referenced to shoot at our ecosystem, we would be having to comply with things that don’t make sense and are not feasible.

  • Austin on stable act. First they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win. the blockcahin will be so well developed and by that time finance institutions will leverage defi because it is the fastest and easisest way for them to do things they normally do.

  • Luuk: misconnection between- on one hand everyone is interested in DeFi, on the other hand we are not able to trade indexes ourselves because we are not able to identify a counter-party. Everyone wants a bit of it but they are afraid to really commit to it.

    To me, it is something I want to communicate what it means for them to accept it.

    Most of the concern is KYC related. there is a lot of interest in yield farming, but less interest in governance tokens. They are return focused.

    At the current stage of defi, governance is a buzzword.

    What we are doing with primedao is a really important case for people to conceptualize governance.

    Aave and compound are going after traditional finance license. This december in curacao we will also see which crucial licenses we can have.

    We need a partner on the side of the law that would helps us interface the two sides and for us to identify risks that our technology ties into law.

Ecosystem Updates

  • Rivet expending its data centers globally

  • Live on mainnet!

    • 76 rep holders

    • Lock is going live soon

Signal Polling

  • Should Prime holders or BPrime holders lock their tokens to generate REP?
    Do we want them to be hyper-staked in or do we want to give people the space to stake to the extent they want to?

Open Brainstorm

  • Leveraging Powerpool: how can we use our common pool to leverage collective capital to get return on investment and participate in the governance