PrimeDAO DAOtalk Proposals Integration #1

“Ultimately, an organization’s value is just the sum of the decisions it makes and executes.”

We can conceive of many ways to establish the legitimacy of decisions. In some contexts, voting can play a critical role. In others, it’s not needed. Whichever way, decisions should have a established life-cycle that servers its stakeholders.

As of now, PrimeDAO’s proposals have a sub optimal life-cycle, restricted by the dire limitations of Alchemy, and spread out around Discord, Telegram, Google docs, Notion, Gitbook, Github, IPFS and Discourse (DAOtalk).

This brief, last minute proposal aims at rectifying some of those limitations by integrating our proposals with the DAOtalk forum—as part of a bigger initiative to improve our Builder Cycles. Among many advantages, such integration should allow for:

  • Improved tagging system and added sub-categories
  • Indexing, with their sub-categories and tags, making proposals fully searchable.
  • Easier Accountability, the proposal’s post becomes the one place for updates, links, questions.

And in the future:

  • Notifications! have you ever wished you could receive email notifications when new proposals are submitted? With Discourse’s native notification system, proposals and even pre-proposals can finally join the clutter in our mailboxes.
  • Pre-Proposing, with a structured space for posting and archiving drafts, including templates, examples and common issues, building and screening pre-proposals becomes much easier and participative.
  • Fostering, for people that struggle with the 23 fire hoops you have to jump through before proposing on xDAI alchemy, other prime members can submit for them—linking their proposal post on DAOtalk.
  • Addons, calendar, polls, more advanced features, all open source and easy to install.

These improvements are valuable for PrimeDAO because they help our Decentralized Autonomous Organization to become more:

  1. Decentralized
    • Paradoxically, the use of decentralized governance platforms today have such a high barrier of entry that a visible centralization emerges around them. By lowering these barriers with a FOSS solution, we allow for broader participation and thus higher decentralization.
  2. Autonomous
    • The search for ways to automate proposal tracking while allowing for participants’ autonomy is a tough challenge that might be solved by a simple answer: a very specific but still simple customization of our DAOtalk forum.
    • The custom tailored upgrade unlocks much sought functionalities such as tagging, search, tracking and more.
  3. Organized
    • As a self organizing body, proposing should be highly accessible and participatory but also reliable and effective. While the current structure “gets the job done”, an easier and feature-rich space ensures a higher standard.


For now we propose as normal, and if your proposal passes, you copy and past the approved text inside a new DAOtalk post, inside the PrimeDAO category and with the tags “proposal”, “Builder-Cycle-2” and any organization you may be representing.

In the future, if then approved, we may post proposals on the forum before submitting on Alchemy for feedback and/or simultaneously as valid document. With specific templates and features as mentioned above.

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