PrimeDAO Builders Call: 8 December 2020 Notes

Current priorities

  • Move control of the .eth domain to have a fully decentralized website

  • Currently waiting for one Pull request

  • Funds from Mesa will be drawn to the mainnet

Prime Rewards:

  • If you requested PRIME for prior works you will need to set up a vesting contract.

  • A Discord post will explain how to do this and a link will be provided to the guide in the PrimeDAO documentation

Builders Cycle

  • January 12th will be the end of the current cycle and timewise everybody should have already started on what they should be working on.

  • You can also work on new proposal during this cycle to be submitted for the next cycle

Builder Groups Updates

  • Curve Labs
    Curve Labs is working on expanding the smart pools

  • Rivet
    Austin: Everyone can set up their own account within our system

    Niek suggested to make a screencast for the Rivet process, Rivet will dive into this and is happy to make and share a screencast to walkthrough the process. The credit setup can also be shared.

  • Jeff on DAO2DAO

    Jeff is preparing a bigger update to share later today.

    There is a potential opportunity regarding a project that is currently distributing 16% of the Caspers community tokens

    Jeff will look into sharing the DAO2DAO updates in Discord in the DAO2DAO channel

  • Luuk & Niek on Comms & Org Development

    Comms will develop and communicate a process for capturing opportunities and a process for structuring innovation.

    Comms is working on structuring the internal comms, tooling and configurations for the tools and communication channels. This will be communicated when ready.

Prime Projects & Funding

  • Within PRIME Pat just submitted a Balancer Proposal for making an IDO interface

  • With this PRIME can host a second IDO when ready, effectively eating its own dogfood as to make this a proof of the pudding.

  • This project has a 3 months timeline for development and is planning to see the light in April ´21

  • Since runway for Prime is between 6-12 months, a subsequent fundraise is imminent.

  • Niek suggests to make sure we plan the second round well and on time to ensure continuity of Prime as a whole

  • Pat points out we have more locking mechanisms upcoming which should positively enhance Prime´s runway

PRIME Locking

  • A question Pat brings up for discussion is if we as Prime want the locking token to be Prime or BPrime. This has pros and cons.

  • There could be some pushback regarding the permanent loss.

  • It is proposed to discuss this in the tactical group.

Going Forward

  • We agree on this cycle there will be a strong focus on making internal communication strong, even if the IDO has passed and there should be less of a flood of explanatory questions.

  • A new call has been scheduled for December 22