PrimeDAO 3 December 2020 Ecosystem Call Notes

Ecosystem Call: 3 December 2020, 4PM CET

  • DLNDAO -> Decentralized Lending Network -> Testnet step <-

  • Discussion on creating an offering in PrimeDAO for people to tokenize themselves, as multiple members observed a growing number of artists wanting to engage with the crypto sphere and looking into novel ways of fundraising. Notion Toolkit of Tokenizing Yourself is a starter.

    DLNDAO allows people to pool their social staking connection to help get them money, which could be used for artists as well.

  • API3 IDO happening

  • Three upcoming Signal Pollings:

  1. Transitioning team chats into open channels- connecting Telegram to Discord, to increase transparency and keep everyone in the loop for what is going on across different working groups and squads.

  2. New Telegram Formation: turning the current channel into announcements only + creating a new token holders only channel.

  3. Create a new communications channel with one representative from each involved organization.

  • Discussion on recent YFI mergers. How does the Prime community see the developments? For new products, staking pieces and arranging the front-end is hard, mergers make this easier. For PrimeDAO, all groups have something in common, we can detail the specific things each group does, and find common paths to grow together.

    Also to make sure we play a relevant role in this emerging DAO2DAO space. PrimeDAO has been focused on governance from start. YFI didn’t ask its community before the mergers. There is also no documentation or work on what could be the key structures needed for DAO2DAO merger.