Presenting Voting Dapp 4 DAOstack DAOs

When I started working/collaborating for DXdao two months ago I was captured by the challenge presented by @JohnKelleher and @corkus of help buidling an organization 100% decentralized and autonomous, where this 100% includes everything!

The first time I look at Alchemy I was surprised when I saw the cookies warning, then the disqus widget, then when I look into the code in their github I saw analytics, and theGraph integration, not a aligned with the DXdao vision I was presented, so I took action.

Dont get me wrong! RESPECT to DAOstack developers who built Alchemy! It is a complex application that has to cover a lot of ground and features. But I think the DXdao needs something simpler and more decentralized that the current Alchemy infrastructure.

DAOstack Voting Dapp

This app is a fork of alchemy, an app to work with DAOstack DAOs, this fork is focused on providing a more simple, autonomous and decentralized experience than Alchemy and just for one DAO.

This is an open-source project under GPL 3.0 License, we invite you to fork it and collaborate :).

Live DXdao IPFS Version (

Differences from Alchemy

  • The app is designed to work only for one DAO.
  • No analytics.
  • No disqus widget.
  • Simpler UI.
  • Hash reactjs router-dom.
  • Less components in source code.
  • More optimized builds.
  • No cookies warning.
  • No terms and conditions.

Whats Next?

I will take a maintainer role in the project till 01/07/20, right now I am committed to work on another products of the DXdao. I will create issues that can be taken by any developer who wants to collaborate and then I expect he will receive the proper reward from the DXdao.

Where is this project heading?

In the future the DAOstack-Voting-Dapp would be completely decentralized, autonomous and easy to set up for any DAOstack DAO.

To Do List

  • Add reputation section, to show reputation distribution and issuance over time graphs.
  • Add holding sections to display the current assets(tokens, NFTs and ENS) owned by the DAO.
  • Improve landing page configuration.
  • Update documentation.
  • Remove theGraph integration.
  • Remove docker and use only a local ganache client with scripts for testing locally.

Feel free to request more features or create issues :slight_smile:

This is a open-source initiative with all the intentions to collaborate with the current implementation of Alchemy (where they are welcome to take any of the changes done here) and provide better and more tools for DXdao and any other DAO in the DAOstack ecosystem.

One last thing: This app hasn’t be reviewed and used in any production environment, used it at your own risk! Nevertheless all the code changes can be verified in github and we will provide the proper source code verification in the future.


kudos for the work! looks amazing!
I couldn’t connect with walletconnct on ubuntu. opened an issue…

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