Presentation Confoederatio Platform (DAO federation)

Hello to everyone! I’m glad to arrive to this community.
I’m project manager of Ecofintech Coop, a commons-oriented Distributed Cooperative Organization (DisCO). We are participants in social economy networks and co-operative movements that are joining forces to work together in conscious fintech solutions for democratic autonomy and economic self-management.

Our main project is to develop Confoederatio Platform, an infrastructure for co-operatives and collectives to form a global social economic cluster. Recently we got finalists in Ledger Project fund, and we are in a stage of looking for alliances, partners, more devs and preparing the project for new presentations for reaching funding.
We have already co-operatives interested in being pilot projects for real use case of our program, mostly in social economy networks in Catalonia, but with more links at international level.

Before meeting your work on DAOstack we were designing over AragonOS, but now we discovered more affinities with your views and statements. Also the model the want to develop is based on a federated nested structure and merits (carework accounting).

The roadmap is to develop the first DAO for Ecofintech Coop itself (you can see more details on our tokenomic model and aims in the whitepaper). Then to extend it to other pilot friends, and that to be the reference structure for the general Confoederatio DAO.

You will see in our documents that we contemplate a legal frame for it, and even an own blockchain infrastructure (PoA). Confoederatio aims to build a real federation of entities under a common political and strategical coordination, but to offer a free tool and a reference model for anyone to build their own federations or autonomous DAOs.

Thanks for your work and you are all invited to meet us and collaborate together


Ecofintech Coop

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