[Poll] cast your vote for the best DAO idea at the Paris P2P Festival group (11.01.2020)

Please cast your vote on your favorite DAO & feel free to leave a comment to say “why” !

  • Luxembourg Expats: a DAO to help the meetup of the same name self-organize, fundraise & create social events open to anyone
  • Polis Parallèle: a DAO for a Parisian version of Parallelni Polis #CryptoAnarchyInParis
  • Suite Du Monde: a DAO to create new communities adopting innovative lifestyles & organizational structures

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The DAOcanvas workshop at Paris P2P Festival was a success. Being in a plane inspired the participants maybe :thinking: :airplane: :rocket:

I chose Luxembourg Expats because its sounds like the lowest hanging fruit and will be easier to execute.


I voted for Polis Parallele mainly because it involves anarchy, dissidence and counter-culture, of which I’m a fan of! A perfect fit for la revolution!

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I just spoke at Polis in Prague and presented DAOs. I think they’d be very interested in trying a pan-Polis DAO.