PolkaDAO goal & mission

Goal & mission of PolkaDAO posted by Polkadot:

  • “a community-led decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)”
  • “The goal of the PolkaDAO is to fund community projects”
  • “PolkaDAO is a user-led platform for the Polkadot community, allowing you to vote on proposals, and provide funding for projects and ideas that would otherwise not get built.”

In my words:

  • PolkaDAO’s mission is to support the development of the Polkadot project and ecosystem. Its role is to supercharge the Polkadot community, giving it an additional channel to get funding & additional autonomy via self treasury management.
  • PolkaDAO is funded by Polkadot.

A general remark:

  • PolkaDAO is what we call a “community DAO” in the meaning that it provides a way for an existing community to get its efforts rewarded AND these community members decide themselves who gets rewarded what. Think of it as a next generation community rewarding system.
  • We might see many other organizations (even non-blockchain) starting such DAO if it proves being very beneficial (efficient, participatory, etc).



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Note that I wrote this post following up last week’s PolkaDAO call where some clarification on this DAO’s goals & mission.

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