POAP 2.0 - What features would you like?

I didn’t set out to build POAP 2.0… But as I’m further fleshing out the user experience for the Free NFT project (FreeFT) I’m working on now, I’m realizing there’s some big overlap in use cases. The big difference is FreeFT is geared towards orgs that have multiple events, I.E. the DXdao community call, rather than one-off events like ETHDenver. So, I figured I would ask early on as I’m still fleshing things out:

What features would you most like to have in a POAP-like platform?

Here’s some background for what I have in mind currently:
Instead of individual event-specific POAPs, organizations who use the FreeFT platform will create their own custom FreeFT collection. People who attend events or community calls/perform actions like joining the Discord, Tweeting, buying merch, etc. will then get XP towards earning a FreeFT. XP amounts and earning methods are customizable. Earning is a continuous process that gives the user rarer and rarer upgrades as they level up their single FreeFT, increasing retention as people stick around to keep upgrading. The user will get to choose between a few randomly selected options at each stage of upgrading their FreeFT. These upgrades and other perks are customizable, and are bought using the XP that’s earned from attending events/etc.

Curious what y’all think!


It being actually permissionless unlike POAP


That’s the eventual goal for sure! The initial tech stack will unfortunately not be permissionless, because I don’t have the skills to build that. I’m using a low-code building platform to start off because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to build it at all. So, it will be permissionless as soon as it achieves enough success for me to be able to afford to hire or contract someone to build it permissionlessly.

In the meantime, I will commit to applying permissionless principles to the application. I would never block DXdao or anyone from using it just for sharing an NFT claim link, that’s for certain!