Please vote for the best DAO idea for Manila, Philippines group (01.02.2020)

  • DAOVault - Governs provenance for artworks and other virtual assets.
  • EarthDAO - fairly and transparently appoint the best people to work on solutions for societal problems.
  • CoffeeDAO - a DAO that empowers microentrepreneurs to kickstart their own coffee venture like a franchise.
  • CreditAssure - a DAO that demonstrates how companies can be paid on time for the servies and products they deliver.
  • ConradDAO - a mini-DAO within a larger organization that allows employees to decide on team activities in a fair and transparent way.

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These DAO ideas were conceptualized during a DAOfest workshop and we asked the participants to go into dream mode. Please vote simply based on what resonates with you most.

Winner will be announced on the weekly Southeast Asia group call on Thurs 06 Feb 2020 11:00 GMT+8.

Awesome work Jason! I voted for the DAOvault mainly because it relates to Art :slight_smile: