Please vote for the best DAO idea for Jakarta group (15.01.2020)

  • Jakarta Flood Trust Fund (JFTF) - crowdsource ideas and people to clean up the city to reduce city’s flooding woes.
  • DAO-C - citizens voting for what city events to organize rather than their town mayor deciding for them.
  • DAOBET88 - secure, transparent, fraud-free casino. No dealer, no middleman, only codes and mathematics.
  • Fight Against Fake News (FAFN) - funding research to counter fake news and deepfakes.
  • HEIMDALL - named after a Nordic God who can see everything… a DAO that can manage the warranty and maintenance funds for 50,000 streetlights in the developing parts of Indonesia.

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These DAO ideas were conceptualized during a DAOfest workshop and we asked the participants to go into dream mode. Please vote simply based on what you like and resonates with you more.

Winner will be announced Saturday 18 Jan 2020 18:00 GMT+8.


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