Partnership proposal Augur <> Truts


I’m Srijith, the Product Manager of Truts, a web3 community discovery platform for users, more simply a glassdoor for web3 communities.

Our website:

I wanted to get in touch with you and understand if we can have your platform as one of our first detailed community additions on our platform?

We’re trying to make onboarding onto Web3 easy for newcomers and the discovery of communities more accessible for everyone.

We’re trying to simplify

  • Detailed information of each community
  • Onboarding Processes
  • Contribution Opportunities
  • Community reviews from members

This allows users to understand the communities easily, while also allowing them to decide based on the reviews if the community is the right fit for them. Going through Discord each time is difficult and inefficient for users, and what better way to display credibility than reviews, something that’s been heavily implemented successfully in web2.

All we need from your side are the detailed information of your community, the onboarding processes, contribution opportunities (if any), and mutual support on Twitter.

Srijith Padmesh
Truts Team