Participate in Codeless Conduct Hackathon

Hey crew,

long time since I’ve been able to join calls I know, sorry about that. But we have a nice proposal for you.

Hackathons have a great history in this space, but they were mainly targeted at developers only, because the protocols participating in hackathons wanted more applications to be built on top of their protocols. There wasn’t much else you could do.

But the space has matured massively over the last 2 years and you don’t need to be a software developer anymore to make meaningful contributions to any protocol or project. At the same time a large amount of people is curious about the space and doesn’t really know where to start.

That is why we decided to start a hackathon that is for everyone, except developers. CodelessConduct (

We’d like to invite DXdao to participate in the next iteration of this hackathon, that is online-only and will start only a few days after ETHDenver. We have amazing mentors and will host this upcoming edition experimentally on Gitcoin.

Here is the sponsor deck. It should be able to answer most of your questions.

Please let us know if you are interested and if so, in what way you’d like to be involved. I unfortunately can’t join the next BizDev call, but @Powers mentioned he would bring the topic up for discussion there as well.

That’s it, looking forward to your feedback.


This was brought up on yesterday’s Biz Dev discussion (starts at 18:20). There was soft consensus that this was an idea worth pursuing, especially as DXdao builds out its bounty board and hackathon capabilities, and as DXdao is in need of more high-quality content.

Some ideas:

  • Video explainer on DXdao ENS proposal process
  • Denver video of DXdao’s experience
  • Tokenomics/governance proposals

It would be great to get more ideas below. They’re being tracked on a Dework board.

The call’s consensus was to focus on the Bronze tier ($3,500) for sponsorship. This will require additional work and time from DXdao contributors to answer questions and be present in the online hackathon.


This is great to hear. What are the next steps to get this over the finish line?

Just one note: The cost to sponsor is $3k (not $3.5k) and on top of that you are free to distribute a further $3k among your bounties.

Let me know if there are any questions I can help with. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend any upcoming calls, but I am also available in the BizDev channel (or any other) on Keybase.


Hey @HeyChristopher , this was discussed on yesterday’s governance discussion and believe it’s ready to move to a proposal to request the $3k. This should be done on Gnosis Chain (xDai) and best to request xDai (though there is some USDC in the treasury).

We’ve been using DXvote as our governance interface. Here’s a guide to submit a contributor proposal. Once you click New Proposal, make sure and select Custom. I can walk you through if there are any questions. You can actually paste the link of this DAOtalk thread in DXvote and it will load the text in the proposal.

Proposal should include the amount and any relevant information. You could also cover bridging/tx costs if needed.

And then, if the proposal passes, what are the next steps for the DXdao community? We’ll need to come up with some bounties at a certain time? And then, is there anything we can do in terms of engagement? We can join the Discord, and then I’m not that familiar with…but there will be some activities there?

If the proposal passes, we can Tweet about it and tag CodelessCon @whatt4


Hey @Powers, Nich here from 1kx - on the organising team of Codeless Conduct. Thanks for considering supporting us! I’ve submitted a proposal for 3k xDai here. I’ve followed instructions there but let me know if there are any issues with the proposal!

As for next steps:

  1. We’ve put together a Sponsor Best Practices guideline that will help you get the most out of the event. It includes guidelines for bounties descriptions, engagement with participants, and follow-up after.

  2. We’re using as an informal, virtual hangout platform throughout the event. There might be impromptu meetups for teams, but the idea is for it to be a place where people can drop in during the event and meet each other in a fun setting. In the mean time you can join our Discord here.

  3. We are using Gitcoin as a bounty platform. Once you’ve read the Best Practices guideline and have decided on your bounties, you can submit and fund them on Gitcoin using this link. If you’re not familiar with funding bounties on Gitcoin we have a how-to guide here

Ideally we have all the bounties ready to go ~1 week before the event starts, so the week of Feb 14th. We kick off on Wednesday Feb 23rd.

Thanks again for considering supporting us, hope to see the proposal outcome soon – let me know if you have questions :relaxed:


[EDIT] hmm looks like the dxvote proposal link automatically changes to the home page of all proposals instead of the specific one. You should be able to see it by searching “Codeless Conduct” on the proposals page.


Thanks for the guidance, Nich! :+1:
The proposal looks good. :ok_hand:
I assume you don’t have GEN. We could probably have someone on our end boost the proposal for you.

It actually works fine. It took me straight to the proposal. :sunglasses:


Thanks @nich !
Proposal is boosted


Hey @nich the proposal passed.

We chatted about some ideas last week and came up with these

  • Bounty # 1: Create a series of DXdao “Real Governance” Memes ($250)
  • Bounty # 2: Swapr Tokenomics Proposal ($500)
  • Bounty # 3: Holographic Consensus video ($1000)
  • Bounty # 4: ENS Proposal Video Explainer ($1000)

I put together this document to fill out the forms through Gitcoin. Thoughts/comments appreciated:


Hey @Powers, great to hear! On the proposal page, do I click “Redeem” to claim funds?

Just had a chance to read through the bounties and they look great, left minor comments. The Bronze sponsorship only allows for 3 bounties though, to keep it fair across sponsors I’d maybe remove #1 and (optionally) make one of the others worth more / have slightly bigger scope?

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Hi, Nich! Yes, you can claim the funds with the redeeming function.
Thanks for the tips. :+1:

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If you happened to find your way here and are looking for more information on the bounties you can…

:one: find them right here: Codeless Conduct | Gitcoin

:two: join the Codeless Conduct Discord and the bounties are in the DXdao channel. This will take you right there: Discord