Parallax<>DXgov Work Proposal - DAVI Social MVP feature

Project-DAVI developed by the DXgov squad has plans to integrate the social layer of governance inside the DAVI governance application. This is an essential part of making DAVI and the ecosystem idea of DXdao a success.

Orbis - our tech solution
To achieve this we have decided to use an amazing project providing a powerful SDK built on top of ceramic. After a lot of discussion about future features and architecture with the orbis team they referred us to Parallax to speed up the integration of orbis inside DAVI. Parallax is an Indonesia based web3 development team.

Parallax - The external team helping us deliver
Using the Parallax team provides a more cost-effective approach to the initial orbis integration as they have done integrations like this in the past where it is new to our developers and not dependent on application or specific smart contract knowledge.

The quotation for the social MVP, including the discussion components we will use as the basis for all social interations in DAVI, is $1500. This does not promise future work and is scoped to just the discussion component.

Next steps
This post is made to gather social consensus before starting the work. Obviously, this sort of expense would be better handled after the new phase 2 restructuring proposal where the squad would have their own decision about the spending of funds so long as it achieved their OKRs. For now, I hope the DXdao community can see the value in using this firm to develop this feature.
If no opposition is brought up I will proceed to begin this work and there will be a future proposal to pay Parallax once the work is complete.


  • We agree to pay 30% of the project costs submitted by Parallax Network in the occurrence of
    cancellation or a 14-day postponement of the approved project schedule from DxDAO after the Letter
    of Confirmation is signed.
  • We agree to pay the final payment in full 7 (seven) days after the development is completed.
  • We agree any additions to the scope will be discussed and another quotation and invoice will be issued.

The $1500 cost seems like a bargain. Definitely worth to try.