Panvala Staking Cluster - Signalling

Previous discussions can be found here.

  • Per weekly community call, and further keybase discussions we have identified a way to start a staking cluster without any spenditure of treasury funds.

  • The bulk of the required collateral will come from community members already holding PAN.

  • Of the two addresses that need to stake one will be the treasury address; the other will be a community member address. Panvala will distribute any matching grants at the end of the quarter directly from a contract, so while we will need to discuss merits of any potential grant recipients we won’t have the task of distributing any funds.

The only liability for the DAO is that 10,654 PAN (~146.70) will be locked in the treasury for at least one quarter, whereupon members can re-asses if we wish to continue being affiliated with Panvala as a staking cluster.

Please post any questions, comments, or concerns here, and look for a signaling proposal on alchemy in next 24-hours.


Thanks @bendicion for the write up.
I think this idea has only upside for DXdao. It creates more awareness, provides additional funding, and starts to prove how DAOs can interact across communities.
I raise my hand to be one of the contacts that helps to communicate with the Panvala Caucus and report back information regularly to DXdao community.
Also, I would be staking self-owned PAN to support the DXdao community.

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I support the idea of having a DXdao staking cluster for Panvala. This will also be an experiment of trusting a team to maintain and report back information about all things Panvala cluster.

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What is the process of getting the PAN?

Two dxDAO members are volunteering to use their PAN to stake. That will be combined with the PAN already in the treasury. Then during the course of next quarter anyone will see dxDAO as a staking cluster option via Panvala’s communications and can donate to us. At the end of the quarter whatever donations received will be matched by Panvala at some yet to be determined multiple (last quarter was 12x) and then dxDAO has sole discretion about how to distribute those funds.

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Yes, I agree. To me this is kind of like the original ‘hub and spoke’ design of Consensys. As more products are released that are mature and operate independently I think it will become increasingly important to have different teams specializing on particular areas.


Here are a handful of ideas of DeFi related Open Source Gitcoin Grant projects we could support.
To be clear, if we support, it means that any donations in PAN from the public that go to these projects can receive additional Matching PAN (from PAN inflation) from Panvala system.
Some would be support important tools
Others would be supporting community and education which could help bring new members into our Ecosystem.
Just some ideas, please add any others you would like
I believe we need to give Panvala at least Three by Friday - but more is probably better.
Any other tools or projects we would collab with or get value from would be good too.

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Final Vote Tally:
The top six vote getters are:

  1. Black Girls CODE
  3. MetaGammaDelta
  4. Abridged - DAO Ops
  5. Circles UBI
    All six of these projects received more than one Thumbs Up and no Thumbs Down
    DappNode received a bunch of votes But we learned that DappNode already has it’s own Panvala cluster, so is already getting matched because of that

See some details of how it works here:

We should help encourage PAN donations to the entities we are supporting in our cluster.

The DXdao Panvala cluster is currently 4th out of five in receiving PAN donations from the community. If we want to gain awareness we need to lead by example.

@bendicion and I are attending a Panvala Draft Ceremony early tomorrow morning to make sure we get our other cluster choices.