Opportunity for DXdao to become a Key Member of The DAOist's Dawn

Opportunity for DXdao to become a key member of Dawn and continue to support The DAOist’s expanding initiatives and events

DXdao has been a large participant and strong supporter of The DAOist since its start in July 2021.

DXdao has supported, participated in and sponsored:

Dawn is the next step for The DAOist.

The DAOist’s first DAO - Dawn will set the agenda for the future of its community. From tokenomics to Lisbon Metahub access and setup, the people in Dawn will be part of the DAOist’s most vital decisions.

THE LISBON METAHUB - A cryptonative political IRL space working on outreach, education and publishing for all DAOs.

The Lisbon metahub will host art, tech and policy residencies to create cultural public goods, accelerate DAO2DAO collaboration, and tailor future “The DAOist” & “Global Governance Gathering” experiences.

This is an immediate opportunity for DXdao to secure a Ministry slot at $25k.

Important Details (Please read documents)

You can learn more about Dawn in this mirror post about Governing Dawn.

Check out the site and deck.

This is also a draft of the invitation for DXdao to become a Ministry: Ministry Invitation and FAQs

You can check the full overview of Dawn Governors here.

DXdao currently has governance power in Dawn due to:

  1. Support of the DAOist Paris: Sister DAO (10 awarded retroactively at Dawn Launch)
  2. Support of the DAOist Lisbon: Ride or DAO (25 awarded retroactively at Dawn Launch)
  3. Likely some additional governance due to support of GGG: Patron (does not have a set governance reward; TBD by Dawn)

This docs also provides some answers to our follow-up questions: Ministry clarifications for DXdao

In Dawn, 6 Core Tokens have been given to core DAOist contributors.

The Core token is conditionally granted to people who are devoting most of their time to the project, ideally full time or at least 50% of their work capacity and participating in the specific verticals of the project.

These people are:
Elco, (born Felipe Duarte)
Inga Vyugova
Luuk Weber
Numa Oliveira
Stefen Deleveaux

$280k (about 34%) of the $825k funding will fund the larger core team to advance The DAOist.

"Q: Does the core team have their own ideas for future creations and opportunities?
A: The Core team funding is actually misnamed - it’s “all team funding” = since the creation of that deck the team has grown around 2x between events support and local comms / production team in Portugal

Q: Are there plans from The DAOist team?
A: We have several ideas underway on the 3 tracks of Tech, Art/Culture, and Governance - Looking forward to being able to put them on a roadmap and check warmness with the community - initial planned use of Dawn will be related to setting the political frame and main agreements as per stated in the governing Dawn article, but governance holders can make their own proposals."

Some reasons to support:

  1. Lean into The DAOist and Dawn as one of the best DAO-focused orgs and events organizer in the space, plus more
  2. Additional voting power in the Dawn DAO that sets the future path of what The DAOist does
  3. Optimal access to future events
  4. Additional Perks:

What governance is included with the Ministry package?

  • Ministry Badge NFT for your organization + Set of Delegate NFTs totaling 50 votes (25+25)
  • Delegate tokens remain transferable

What DAOist event perks are included for Ministries?

  • Priority access to additional DAOist tickets before releasing to the general public. (The DAOist events are often free and curated - by securing a ministry you know you will always be in)

What Lisbon Metahub perks are included for Ministries?

  • Coworking + Dormitory access for “delegate” token holders (subject to availability)
  • Priority for ‘Residency Program’ agenda setting - effectively a perennial plug and play off site space for inter and intra team collaboration to speed up your projects ship rate - including on staff documentation team to publish the process and results of the co creation.

Will the Ministry slot need to be re-purchased at a later date?

  • The benefits described here do not have an expiration date. The runway generated by this sponsorship set should be able to fund the DAOist’s path to sustainability by fleshing out several revenue streams with events, services and products instead of resales involving Dawn Governance.
  • Any other decisions will be made by the DAO. It will still retain 49.6% of the total agreed supply of governance power after sponsorship slots are sold.
  1. Continue to build a much stronger network of DAO-focused entities in the space.

Some costs / risks:

  1. Cost would be $25k tribute to have this spot in Dawn
  2. How to determine delegates to represent DXdao in Dawn. DXdao has not done much like this, but it IS something DXdao should get much better at → delegating representation into other communities
  3. Unsure of use of some of the benefits - because the Metahub is regional, may only be available to be taken advantage of by select few contributors

The entire space needs more high quality events around DAOs and these events need participants who are leading the way in decentralization. Supporting this initiative would allow DXdao to continue to set examples and share its ideas with the community.

It would be great to gather people’s feedback on this idea.

Request for Thoughts (“RFTs”) is live.


Please find the related signal proposal here:
Signal Proposal: DXdao to commit to Ministry position in Dawn DAO organized by The DAOist

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