Operations Guild H1 2023 Budget Proposal [Draft]

2023 H1 Operations Guild Budget

Covering Governance, Treasury, ContributorX, Legal and Devops & Security squads.
Spreadsheet Link: Operations Guild Budget

Budget Request Duration: 6 Months


The document will outline the 6 month budget request for the DXdao Operations Guild consisting of the Governance, Treasury, Contributor X, Devops & Security and Legal squads. It will document their visions, objectives, and responsibilities, contributor roles and compensation, as well as other pertinent expenses to be reviewed and approved by the DAO as a whole.

Guild Structure

Networks: Ethereum, Gnosis Chain
Platform: DAVI Soulbound
Guild governance members:

Entity Soulbound %
CaneyFork.eth 25%
Melanie 20%
dlabs.eth 17.5%
Skymine Labs 17.5%
Augusto 10%
Ally 10%

Pending: Redhatross

Governance rules:

  • Quorum 35%
  • Cannot earn additional governance power past 25%
  • One month of full-time contributions to Operations guild earns 2.5% of soulbound governance power in the Operations Guild
  • Need 5% to submit a proposal

Vision and Mission

Operations Guild Vision

The Operations Guild aims to enable DXdao to operate in a trustless and transparent manner and be able to prioritize and delegate important tasks to Guilds, Squads, and Governance processes in a seamless, streamlined way. It envisions a collective of stakeholders and contributors all coordinating to make DXdao more than a sum of its parts.

In order to reach that goal, the Squads and contributors to the Operations Guild will develop tools and processes that enable the rest of DXdao to operate as effectively and frictionlessly as possible while still adhering to the DXdao vision and mission.

Squad Missions

Governance: The Governance Squad facilitates governance participation and execution by coordinating around governance actions, contextualizing decisions to be made, leading outreach, and educating all ecosystem participants on the ins and outs of DXdao’s governance system.

Treasury: The Treasury Squad maintains the health of the DXdao treasury and facilitates interactions between the treasury and DXdao governance to manage it.

ContributorX: The goal of the ContributorX squad is to support the contributors of DXdao navigate the intricacies of contributing to a DAO and web3. Development, implementation and management of a scalable DAO recruiting and onboarding system.

Legal: The legal squad helps the DXdao community navigate the myriad of jurisdiction and off-chain issues that contributors and stakeholders face.

Overall Guild Milestones and goals

  • Steward DXdao through the new budgetary process and 1st 6-month cycle, including the rollout of Davi and the new guild system.
  • Coordinate on and push forward phase 3 of Restructuring and Refocus.
  • Formalize and communicate processes to the DXdao community more broadly
  • Build Operations Guild governance culture

Summary of Costs

Budget Summary - Operations Guild
Budget Document link
Reference DXD Price $523.00

Squad Metrics

Governance Squad

Key Milestones and Goals:

  • Launch the DXdao Priorities Board with established processes and a monthly meeting
  • Create organizational structure around Guild Councils and recruit candidates to sit on council
  • Draft and publish a Governance Guidebook for best practices for participating in DXdao governance
  • Establish multi-sig management system
  • Come up with a new plan for DXdao reputation distribution with the goal to expand the stakeholder base of reputation holders
  • Establish DXD Monetary Policy Committee

Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate review of 1H2023 budgets and preparation for 2H2023 Guild Budgets
  • Participate actively in ENS Governance through delegation to Caney Fork
  • Publish quarterly updates on DXdao’s expenses across Guilds and Squads
  • Host a weekly governance meeting to review and discuss live proposals as well as other major initiatives facing DXdao that need community discussion.

Treasury Squad

Key Milestones and Goals:

  • Upgrade DXD token contract and return funds to general treasury
  • Explore more deployment of the treasury into trustless treasury management tools, increase amount of treasury that is deployed by 25%
  • Enable DXD purchases as authorized by the passed signal proposal to Upgrade the DXD Token Model as well as NAV calculations
  • Work with DXgov on creating a simple dashboard for DXdao’s treasury

Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure execution of DXdao’s treasury needs across its bases and guilds
  • Publish quarterly updates on DXdao’s treasury makeup and performance
  • Liaise with partners on opportunities to leverage the treasury
  • Participate in and provide support to the DXD Monetary Policy Committee

ContributorX Squad

Key Milestones and Goals:

  • Successful recruitment and onboarding of four DXdao contributors, including a new treasury manager, a rockstar solidity dev for Davi/Swapr and a security researcher
  • Support for contributors on the transition to submitting individual proposals to guilds
  • In collaboration with DXgov, deliver a how-to guide for DAVI for guilds and contributors
  • Produce (1) Contributor Feedback Review
  • Provide at least one update to the Contributor Guidelines, involving the community in the process
  • Investigate the viability of the current compensation system and frame a discussion in the forum on any potential changes.
  • Create alternative compensation structure for high value/priority positions, including a senior solidity developer

Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • Manage contributor onboarding and offboarding process
  • Active/ongoing recruitment for new DXdao contributors
  • Manage and assist contributors through the current contributor proposal process
  • Oversee and execute tracking and notification system for contributors
  • Oversee DXevents and distribution of contributor stipends in line with DXdao Contributor stipend and Event budget proposal

Legal Squad

Key Milestones and Goals:

  • Ensure DXdao contributors have a way of getting paid legally in their jurisdiction
  • Conduct regulatory review for DXdao stakeholders

Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • Manage Devx as a convenient way to pay contributors in Europe
  • Engage with the DAO legal community and keep the DXdao community informed of the most pressing developments

Devops & Security squad

Key Milestones and Goals:

  • Attract and onboard a new security researcher

Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and maintain DXdao’s security posture
  • Run DXdao developer call and manage technical collaboration across products
  • Maintain DXdao’s Hats security committee

Governance Steward Program

The Governance Steward Program is a new, experimental initiative intended to incentivize good governance and participation by compensating REP holders who spend their time spent helping to govern DXdao. A set amount of treasury funds (currently proposed as $10,000 in USD & $10k vested DXD) would be set aside per budgetary period to be distributed to stewards who meet the minimum participation thresholds. The proposed thresholds for the 2023 H2 period are:

  • attend (10) governance calls and…
  • vote in at least (1) proposal per month (6 total).

All individuals with more than 0.5% of total REP are welcome to register to be a Steward. Stewards are eligible to earn up to $1500 USD & DXD per budgetary period, but if there are more than 10 who apply and meet all thresholds then the total pool will be evenly split between all eligible stewards. This is a contingency request in this proposal and will be outlined in a separate forum post.

Guild Personnel

Individual contributor lists, contributor level information per approved guidelines, and time commitment as percentage of full time.

Contributor Level Time Commitment Description of Role
Caney Fork Level 8 30 hrs/week Primary host of weekly governance call, drafts proposals, spreadsheets and helps coordinate amongst major stakeholders in DXdao. Caney Fork is a delegate
DLABS Level 7 10.66 hrs/week DXdao’s first treasury manager who facilitates buyback execution and trustless treasury management options. Time has decreased with shift to Nimi. dlabs will only be 60% for the first two months of 2023
Skymine Labs Level 8 8 hrs/week Long-time DXdao contributor and extremely active governance participant - both on-chain and off. Sky will be a key voice sought for on the priorities board and recruiting guild council members. He will also manage multi-sig transitions
Melanie Level 6 40 hrs/week Melanie has led the ContributorX squad since its inception and full-time in HR before that. She will focus on recruiting and crafting new processes to enable contributor satisfaction.
Augusto Level 8 10 hrs/week Developer operations, security, leading developer call
Ally Level 3 20 hrs/week Ally has been tracking all of the intricacies of contributor proposals for almost two years. She will continue this and also manage the contributor feedback review.
Jarek Level 7 6 hrs/week Jarek is a fully licensed Lawyer in Poland. He has advised several Web3 clients and is active in the BanklessDAO and LEXpunk communities. He previously completed a DXlegal assessment on AML laws.
New Treasury Manager Level 5 33.3 hrs/week Looking for someone for to fill some big shoes…
New Security Researcher Level 8 15 hrs/week A top-tier researcher to help Augusto operationalize devops and security
Totals 177 hrs/week


Spreadsheet Link: Operations Guild Budget

Budgetary Process Proposal: Phase 3: DXdao Budgetary Process v1


The draft has been edited to incorporate the Devops and Security Squad with @AugustoL, as discussed on yesterday’s Governance call. The spreadsheet has been updated to a v2 to reflect this. There are also several other minor changes to the spreadsheet (shifting several costs to contingency) as well as adjustment of personnel %.


A couple minor changes to the above document:

  • Updated guild rules to say Quorum at 35%
  • Updated links to recently passed DXD Token proposal
  • Additional detail on ContributorX squad’s “Milestones & goals”
  • Added Hats Finance Committee management to the Devops & security squad

Check out the Nov. 30 Governance discussion for a presentation of this budget.

I plan to submit this as a signal proposal on Gnosis Chain at the end of the day. Please give any feedback before then!

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This has been submitted and staked on:

It will be available to vote with no REP penalty in 24 hours.