OpenRaise Improvement Proposals (not a formal proposal!)

Hi there! I just published 3 improvement proposals for OpenRaise.

  1. Tokens for contributors: issue tokens for non-financial contributors dynamically, in proportion of investments flowing to the project, rather than in a pre-mint
    Variation: Tokens for the commons: enable future contributions to public goods useful to the project

  2. 3-step cycle:

  • “Start”, reward and incentivize initial buildlers prior funding

  • “Build”, focus on capital efficiency, low or no reserve, tap funding for the team and ragequit option for investors

  • “Run”, enable users to participate in the dapp/DAO/protocol economy through staking a discount token

  1. OpenRaiseDAO (or FairmintDAO, or DXraiseDAO…): dogfooding, use OpenRaise to fund OpenRaiseDAO and have projects using it as DAO members

Happy to discuss if there’s any interest :relaxed:

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