Open Source MMO Use Case

Has anyone thought much about how a DAO could be structured with the goal of producing some form of MMO game?

The closest existing examples I can think of are efforts to emulate and reverse engineer older versions of World of Warcraft.
The most well recognized software for this purpose was built in open source over the course of years by a small army of passionate individuals.

Since shortly after WoW released in 2004, there have been various projects which utilize such codebases to build pseudo-businesses.
These “private servers” usually provide services in the form of:

  • website for account registration and information sharing
  • hosted server for players to log into and enjoy the game
  • support staff to resolve disputes between players and moderate public channels
  • developers to fix bugs or create features

Almost all of these projects have an option for players to “donate” in order to cover the costs of operation.
Generally they will even offer players a virtual reward/benefit depending on the amount given.
Now I wont get into the potential legal rammifcations of this here (think in terms of profiting from intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment if you don’t know what I mean), but the concept intrigues me nonetheless.

One of the major problems with this model is trust. Players have to trust that the money they choose to donate is truly used to pay costs associated with maintaining the project rather than line an administrator’s pockets.
It’s easy for me to imagine how an issue like this could be solved by a well-designed DAO.

Some other related thoughts I have…

There is a game known as Oldschool Runescape (OSRS) which the company, Jagex, tries to run in a “player/community-driven” manner.
The way it works is they collect ideas for new content using social media and place them into an in-game poll. If an idea receives at least 75% approval from all voting players, then they create it and add it into the game.
This approach is interesting to me because it means the game essentially evolves over time based on what the collective/majority wants.

If you want developers to build a game, there need to be incentives. I’ve noticed platforms like BountySource ( aim to solve this problem.
Perhaps this is akin to proposals in the DAOStack world.

Is it feasible that in the future, a DAO could be solely responsible for the creation of a fun, long-lasting, ever-changing/improving MMO game?

Anyways I don’t want to blabber on too much. After doing a quick search for games/game development on the DAOStack site, I sadly came up short.
I figured I’d start a thread here for those interested in discussing this possible exciting application of DAOs.
If anyone has a project in mind related to this topic, I would be interested in learning more about it and possibly contributing!


Hey Sabin! This is a dream project of mine too. As a recovering WoW addict (8 years clean :fist:) and prior game developer, I too think that DAOs could add significant utility to the MMO genre (and any online game for that matter).

I don’t have too much else to add to this conversation right now, but wanted to signal an extreme interest in this use case :slight_smile:


We’re doing… Something like this?
Trying to go the way you described, except the goal isn’t to build a game, but a… game?
It’s a game but not really a game, if that makes any sense.

We call it a “massive online coordination game” - MOCG for short.
The actual name is the MetaGame.

  • It’s basically a fusion of social media and freelancing platforms with RPG game elements.

As an ex-wow (and many other MMO games) player myself, I would love to hear what you guys have to say about this.


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