Onboarding non-technical users


What are the main hurdles preventing users from contributing? (Currently and in the future.)

A number of my close friends are not involved in this space. They are lawyers, doctors, researchers, etc. They don’t hold crypto. They don’t particularly want to. However, they are young, frustrated with convention and passionate to make an impact in the world. I believe It is the skills of the non-technicals that will revolutionise DAOs: their knowledge, passion and perspectives are what the DAO ecosystem needs to thrive and create real value.

What do you think the biggest problems we face for onboarding are?

Generally I believe these are:

Cybersecurity (making sure coins / tokens are safe).
Easy onboarding (making sure they can gain access to those particular coins/tokens).
Teaching - This would be the fundamental basis of the entire problem I think, generally its hard for users to even differentiate scams or not - this also leads into cybersecurity and general technical awareness.