Onboarding Guide

I’m opening this thread to gather comments and suggestions to improve the onboarding guide.
Soon this Gitbook will be linked to our ecosystem GitHub repo, also soon we expect to have it open for community contributions straight in the guide :tada:

For now, I appreciate if you can share your comments here :seedling:



Admin note: moved to Genesis.

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Amazing work @liviade !
I have 3 suggestions to help grow and improve what you created there:

  1. sync with a github repo so “anyone” can propose direct changes (github is complex but consistent)
  2. use the unlimited DAOincubator’s gitbook space to host this, allowing for any genDAO member to easily propose changes directly on Gitbook (that’d make things much easier to maintain with minimum effort).
  3. add a contributor guide, like this one here https://github.com/daoincubator/contributing-template/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING-template.md

I believe 1 is a must, but managing the repo would still be an issue to be unpacked, 2 is also pretty straightforward IMO and can be changed if a better option emerges and 3 becomes straightforward as decisions on previous suggestions are made :slight_smile:

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Hello Livia, great job here, if I knew all this when coming in I would have been much more less clueless haha… as we spoke my only suggestion would be to have a section showing the evolution of DAOStack with data, when it all started, how many people joined and DAOs created through time, how much investment etc. This way the newbie can see how much work has already been put into all this and realize it is actually something he/she would like to spend time and effort on.

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