On the importance of community oversight: Shifting dOrg’s funding to Genesis

Early on in the development of DAOstack’s ecosystem it was envisioned that multiple developer teams would be working together on the technology. This is not uncommon for open-source projects: Ethereum, for instance, has seven different teams developing its ETH2.0 client. Last year, dOrg was incubated as the first team to emerge from the Genesis community, and throughout its lifespan, has been receiving $10k monthly funding from the DAOstack project.

However, in addition to the vision of a multiple developer team ecosystem, it was also envisioned that in the long term, community teams would be funded directly through the Genesis DAO. We believe that by doing this, Genesis benefits by having greater autonomy to direct these funds towards its own priorities, as well as curate proposals from different teams and proposers that provide the best solutions. Moving forward, the DAOstack project will cease funding dOrg directly, but will instead be redirecting this $10k/month to Genesis. In order to continue its development efforts, dOrg will submit proposals to Genesis for funding. Generally, interested teams, developers, and potential partners who approach DAOstack will be invited to propose directly to the Genesis DAO.

Jumpstarting the first independent community team has been a huge success and a critical benchmark of the DAOstack project. dOrg has:

  • Constructed a DAO creator application for the simple deployment of DAOstack native DAOs. Beta release coming in December 2019.
  • Developed a fundraising module that allow DAOs to automatically distribute dividends to its token holders. Pilot with the dxDAO expected in December.
  • Partnered with GoodDollar to build an identity solution for DAOs.
  • Pioneered a DAO legal solution and migrated all company funds and operations to a DAOstack DAO.
  • Made numerous open-source contributions to core DAOstack repositories.
  • Helped developers and other external teams get started building on DAOstack.

We believe that dOrg is uniquely poised as a scalable developer cooperative to become key contributors within the Genesis community and wider DAOstack ecosystem. We look forward to their contribution and involvement going forward.


Thanks Pat! dOrg is excited to make the transition to being directly accountable the Genesis community.

As a first step, we have released all Milestone updates from the period that DAOstack funded us:

Going forward we will request monthly funding from Genesis and publicly post Milestone updates for the community to vet :female_detective: