On Governance Gas Refunds || Killing Old Contracts

As we move towards a more structured governance gas refund system, I wanted to give a heads up that there is still a large amount of ETH which has not been claimed from previous refund rounds.

Contracts have a ~3 month period before they can be killed and their ETH returned to DXdao. Before killing previous contracts, I wanted to give a quick overview below of previous refund rounds - and if you haven’t claimed your refunds yet - do it now! I’ll kill all previous contracts at the end of this month (depending on gas prices). And moving forward contracts will regularly be killed after the 3 month period.

Total ETH in contracts: 17.9

If you’re unsure how to claim your refund, see: DXdao Governance Refunds Round #0 - #4 by sky


I took the opportunity of the low gas costs, at the time of writing this, to kill these contracts:

Total ETH returned to DXdao ~17.95 (~$50,438.96 @ 2809.97)