Omen Product Idea

I’ve been using this other prediction market for years, where it is completely free to participate. You start with a certain free credit of tokens for weighted voting, and you get to decide how much you stake on each prediction. If you guess most outcomes right, at the end of each month, it pays the top scoring predictors with real money from a pool. I’ve made a few hundred GBP without spending a penny. Contrary to common public sentiment, this service successfully predicted with great accuracy, both Trump’s election and Brexit. It did that because of the large user base and the gamification factor in contrast to standard statistical polling.
I believe Omen should implement this strategy and allow free voting /0 fees, just signing with a wallet/. Of course, users will be incentivised to buy tokens and lock in real funds as leverage to increase their payout /at a risk of losing, if they guess wrong/. And Bob’s your uncle, the winners will compete for the pool of money from the losers.
The prediciton market data can be sold to businesses and the proceeds will contribute to the pool.

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