Omen Marketing Website & Hunter Design Co. Collaboration

Omen Marketing Website & Hunter Design Co. Collaboration

Hunter Design Co. is a small branding studio based in San Antonio, TX. We’ve created memorable brands and experiences for Fortune 100 companies to local breweries to DeFi startups.

We are big believers in the power of prediction markets and have previous experience designing a Futarchy based app for a DAO. This is why the opportunity to design and build a website for Omen is very exciting for us!

Project Description
Product strategy, design and build of a new Omen marketing website and various marketing collateral.

Overview - Strategy
Our job is to design the Omen website while aligning it with your product goals and your customers needs. This is where we dig into the value proposition of Omen and how the website communicates this in a way that resonates with your users and leaves a lasting impression.

Complete Website Design - 2-4 Pages
Complete web design for 2-4 pages of the Omen website. We’ll collaborate with the team at DXdao to extend the brand of Omen with good copywriting and messaging, We’ll curate photography, icons and create custom illustrations if needed at this point too.

Website Development - 2-4 pages
We will build 2-4 static pages for both mobile and desktop. The actual pages will be determined in a discovery session and as the project evolves. This is meant to be enough pages to give the Omen website a foundation to build from in the future.

Marketing Banners - Design, Development & Animation - 5 Figma Templates
We will design, animate and build 3-4 static and animated banners at various sizes for use on Omen’s Twitter and Medium posts delivered as Figma files.
The banners will consist of:

  • Static banner templates (1 unique design per concept below - 4 total)

    • Banner to highlight popular/interesting categorical or scalar markets.
    • Banner for when a new Omen Version has been proposed and approved by the DXdao.
    • Banner to highlight the current rewards (in Omen token) for liquidity providers of an omen market.
    • Banner that shows the approval of liquidity rewards by the Guild
  • Animated banner template (1 unique design and loopable animation)

    • Animated banner template highlighting popular/interesting categorical or scalar markets. (title, scalar visualization, current winning value)

7-9 Weeks

Professional fees for the new website and marketing banners would be $28,500 USD for the projects outlined above.

We are very interested in contributing to the Omen project and feel the project as a whole could benefit if our interests were aligned. We are open to being partially compensated with OMN token team rewards. We propose a split of 1/2 in USD and 1/2 in OMN token.

This proposal includes the design, copywriting, icons, illustrations, Figma source files, animations and build of a new marketing website.


1/2 USD portion (3 payments):

  • 50% of the 1/2 USD value at the budget’s approval ($7,125 USD) upon
    the beginning of the project.
  • 25% of the 1/2 USD at the beginning of web development ($3,562.50 USD).
  • Remaining 25% of the 1/2 USD ($3,562.50 USD) upon launch of the website or delivery of the marketing banners – whichever comes last.

1/2 OMN Token (9 month vesting schedule):

  • 100% of OMN token equal to $14,250 USD at the time of project approval will be placed in a 9 month vesting contract. The contract will be deployed upon project approval.

Web Hosting
The budget does not include the cost of the domain or hosting (web hosting). We build all websites in Webflow and host the websites with them as well. Web hosting is typically around $25-$30/month.

Bug Free Guarantee
Hunter Design Co. has a 1 year bug-free guarantee. If at any time a bug is found one year within launch of the website we will fix it. No questions asked.

Portfolio Request
Hunter Design may request permission to use the produced creative material in our portfolio.


The proposal for this collaboration is up here: Alchemy | DAOstack


Since this proposal initially passed on-chain, the Omen squad has requested that Hunter Design also take on designing a mascot for Omen. We’re excited to work on this effort and have proposed that we conduct this work for an additional $1,500 in OMN token.

The $1500 in OMN token will be requested along with the $14,250 OMN, with the new total of OMN token requested at $15,750. The OMN token will be put in a 6-month vesting contract at the time of the OMN token issuance. The contract will be deployed at the time the OMN token is issued.
I will also edit the post with this update information.