OMEN market strategy

OMEN market strategy

hello i am chbro
I am a predictive market depth participant
(As far as the political forecast market is concerned, I think my experience level is 3~4 lmao)
As i said a month ago, thanks to the fierce controversy in the U.S. presidential election, the forecast market will usher in a spurt of development
How to absorb the first batch of original customers is very important and may affect the position in the future market
The market of polymarket and catnip has expanded to more than one million dollars
How omen wins in the competition
I did research on the advantages and disadvantages of other projects


Traditional gambling website

Most traditional gambling websites forcibly settled Biden’s shares in the controversial election, which will cause them huge trouble if Trump wins in the future.

I expect that we can popularize the great advantages of the prediction market to these victims after the election dust has settled, such as giving a timetable, when and where to bet, and the final income.

2. Polymarket

Polymarket uses Layer2 technology, and the transaction cost is reduced to negligible. This creates a strong Matthew effect and absorbs tens of millions of funds (in fact, I also mainly trade on polymarket)
But recently, a controversial market was settled. A market about the President of the United States mistakenly used the news media as a source. Biden supporters and Trump supporters in the community broke out fierce disputes.

The focus is on whether the settlement market is premature because the U.S. election is not over yet, in fact, an error occurred when creating the market. Many people did not understand it correctly.
(My opinion, the general election is likely to end in January, so omen’s date is too early)

3. catnip

catnip lower transaction fees (1%) and reasonable market settings (1.22 settlement)
Won about 4m of market
For traders, it doesn’t matter who created the market
Handling fees, liquidity, reasonable market settings and rulings are all core customer experience
NOW omen may have certain advantages only in rulings

some advices

omen discord
There is one mainstream prediction market. omen should also have an instant discussion

Speed up the deployment of L2 solution omen before the end of the general election

Political market group focuses on creating a general election, politically related market (meaning a large number of users)

A new round of rewards events. Holding a trading contest. According to overall ranking will be awarded to NTF or other resources

About nft we can create a medal or commemorative coin
It can be made of DAI or gold (PAXG) Reference smart contract
If omen grows into a giant, NFT will also become a high-value collectible

The last thing I want to say How can I participate in the work of DXdao and get paid? I’m not sure what kind of non-technical jobs the community needs (maybe it can participate in the prediction market as an agent? lol)

My skills
Chinese promotion article writing (L1~2)
Chinese article promotion (L 3~4)
(With the help of my network resources)
Prediction market (especially political) (L 3~4)


This is great. I appreciate that you took the time to compare existing prediction markets.

In your opinion, how would you explain the success that catnip had during the recent presidential election campaign? That is the only product that didn’t have a large marketing campaign that I am aware of, but they still managed to get quite a good share of the market.

Can you explain in other words what you mean by this? Do you want to issue NFTs that represent ranking results? What is the reference to DAI or PAXG then?


First of all thank you for reading and replying
Catnip is very different from other markets


is a token that can be displayed. You can see it in your wallet. Others can track and know your position.

Several giant whales.

As far as I know, catnip has attracted at least one liquid giant whale and one ntrump giant whale.
The holders of ytrump are obviously more than about 1.5 times of ntrump
Lower handling fee 1%

This, along with liquidity, stimulated a large number of small transactions
There are about 10,000+ transactions in total

Casting arbitrage

Casting arbitrage due to unstable prices, there are arbitrage opportunities, which continuously stimulates token production

argur traffic argur is a well-known mature project,

the media tends to report it (in fact I saw the report and became the early holder)

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