OMEN | Human Resources

This is my first proposal. We need to hire:

1 person for Twitter / Reddit / Telegram with responsibilities:

  • Education. There is questions from community in twitter, telegram, need to response fast, search for them, be quick and not to lag with 1-2 day response.
  • News. Need to tweet interesting world news and cases around prediction markets
  • New Prediction Markets. Need to tweet when new markets been created
  • Be part of crypto fam. This is very important to be part of crypto fam and communicate with all community and friendly projects.

Salary: $1500 per month in ETH/DXD

1 person for creation new prediction markets:

We need to have all top world events like sports, crypto, politics and have markets for them.
Dxdao can use its budget to provide liquidity to this markets and start generate revenue for DXD holders. We can cooperate with crypto events aggregators, use google trends, traditional betting platforms to get more interesting markets for Omen.

Salary: $3000 per month in ETH/DXD

1 Digital designer

I :heart: simple intuitive Omen UI, but need to add some Ethereum Unicorn design to Omen website. We need have our own design style and use ti for our articles, tweets and etc.

Salary: freelancer

1 Article writer

We need to write education articles to coindesk, cointelegraph as well as in Korean, Chinese, Russians news sites and blogs. Educate and communicate with the world.

Salary: freelancer


You should address it in today’s call: Weekly Meeting - 6th August 2020, 15:00 UTC

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I’m interested in the first two positions if you guys go ahead with this. I can write articles in English, too, and I have contacts who can handle the other languages.