Omen curation bounty - DxDAO valid markets list


I’m @dcc1 on Keybase and a major user of the Omen platform. I have been in dialogue with @corkus for several months after initially sharing a concern that the platform would be spammed with invalid markets. The topic of Dxdao curated markets came up at some point and I was asked whether I would be interested in curating the current list of open markets for a bounty of 0.3 eth net of gas costs which I agreed to. I delivered the work for this on 17th September as shown in the Omen Keybase channel and I believe Corkus is due to make the proposal imminently re initial list of curated markets.

I would be interested in continuing this on an ongoing basis although the amount of work is negligible at current market creation levels so am open to suggestions as to how to compensate this as it doesn’t fit within the parameters of the worker compensation guidelines.

I would also be interested in receiving a small amount of Rep for this work – it took about 3 hours but would have taken a bit longer if I hadn’t already traded/assessed many of the markets previously for myself.


I personally reached out to Dexter as he is an active Omen user who provided a lot of feedback and does a lot of Omen testing on https://dxtest.eth.

The Market list can be checked out here:

After Dexter created the list and evaluated if an market is valid or not based on our Omen market rules @sky and me did our own evaluation of validity. The result of it will be the first batch of valid Omen markets curated by the DXdao.

I appreciate your help @Dexter!


This is one step closer to a better, curated set of Omen markets. Excited for it in action!