Offloading remainder of RAI


RAI currently has a redemption rate of -9.7%, meaning that as of now RAI is expected to devalue 9.7% p.a. DXdao currently holds 278,635 Rai ($800k). DXdao already offloaded a majority of it’s RAI in Offloading RAI from Treasury.

With the above in mind, it’d make sense for DXdao to sell the remainder of its RAI. This proposal suggests selling the remaining RAI in the treasury to DAI.

For more information about RAI and how the redemption rate works, please see:

DXdao will actively monitor RAI, to reacquire it if the redemption rate reaches -1% or better.


This proposal sends 278,635 RAI to the DXdao MS 0x9467dcFD4519287e3878C018c02f5670465a9003 to execute the trades.


Presumably this means another proposal would be made to reaffirm this action if/when the redemption rate gets there?


Yes. We’d have to do it anyway to access the funds, as the funds of the trade above will ofc be returned to the DXdao treasury.

But I think overall everyone at DXdao is a big fan of RAI and the decentralization it brings. So definitely think it makes sense to actively monitor RAI and acquire some if market conditions are better.