Nylon reputation request

Hi everyone,

I’ve been an active DXdao participant from mid last year. However, I have not made any REP / ETH / DXD proposalד, receiving compensation conflicted with the fact I was working for DAOstack. However for matters of Reputation and vested – I would like to receive REP and vested DXD for the past 6 months of contribution, part time, at experience level 4.

This is some of the work I have done in these months including initiatives, collaborations and projects (I’m not very good at logging / recalling stuff)

A regular worker proposal will come soon :slight_smile:


  • DXdao Bizdev meeting host
  • Notion Bizdev tracking
  • Bringing in partners like Almonit,
  • Bizdev work in reaching projects and potential partners


  • Governance 2.0 WG
  • Active participant in general governance discussions
  • PM for xDXdao deployment
  • PM for Rep singaling mapping dapp
  • Competition plugin shared audit and subsequent deployment
  • Ideas around DXdao fractalization, DAO to DAO interactions, and DAO bases / Squads


  • General DAO operations
  • OK-R work with Venky

Link to DAOtalk projects and initiatives.

DXdao signaling contract (Reputation mapping)

Rep calculation

This is a very rough calculation, I hope it’s okay.

Month Amount Calculation
July 1044 0.87%*1,200,000
Aug 1087.5 0.87%*1,250,000
Sept 1131 0.87%*1,300,000
Nov 1131 0.87%*1,300,000
Dec 1174.5 0.87%*1,350,000
Jan 1200.6 0.87%*1,380,000
Total 6768.6