Note takers: how much should we pay them?

This is a pre-proposal effort, I will submitting the proposal to reward the note takers once this poll is over.

  • 5 USD / hour
  • 10 USD / hour
  • 15 USD / hour
  • 20 USD / hour
  • 25 USD / hour
  • 30 USD / hour

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“Pay Note Takers of Jan-Jun 2019” is the GenDAO Proposal that was created as a result of this poll.

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Doing my self-accountability homework:

1/ The note takers from January to June 2019 have now been paid in DAI (except a couple of exceptions who still have to provide their wallet address).

2/ Transparency first: see the payments for each person in the “Comment” column of the “Pay Note Takers & its Recurring Proposal Concept - Proposal Outcome” document (c.f. screenshot below)

3/ I have sent back the 475 DAI as promised in the relevant proposal (c.f. “token requested” section)

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