Note About Regular DXdao Weekly Call Time

Note about time changes coming up over the next couple weeks.

Currently, the normal DXdao call time is:

15:00 UTC time
17:00 CET time
11:00 EST time
8:00 PST time

In Europe, “Summertime period/DLS” ends at 1 a.m. UT on Sunday, October 31, 2021

In the US, Daylight Savings (“DST”) ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 7, 2021

So the two main regions both change times but one week apart from each other.

To aim to keep local times consistent for most people, DXdao adjusts the time of its calls twice per year. This mainly matters for contributors on the extreme ends (GMT+3 and PST)

On October 31st, the normal DXdao call time will be adjusted to 16:00 UTC (from the current 15:00 UTC), keeping the local time consistent for CET. This will be reflected on the call calendars.

Local times in the US will be off for 1 week and then following Nov 7th, they will be:

16:00 UTC time
17:00 CET time
11:00 EST time
8:00 PST time

Other regular calls should be adjusted accordingly around this change.


DXgov dev squad will be following the same format, changing to 15:00 UTC from the 31st October


Thank you @sky. As one of those in the extreme ends this helps

When will this stupid practice be canceled?


newbie here. how does one join this Nov. 7th call? much love

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Hey – we don’t have calls on Sundays (i.e. 7th Nov). That’s just when the U.S. leaves DST.

Calls are on On Thursdays our call is in our Discord.