Nominated Award Winners for DXdao's Panvala League DeFi Community Awards Grant Q1 2021

DXdao’s Panvala League DeFi Community Awards Q1 2021

Recognizing Critical Open-source Projects building the DeFi Ecosystem

DXdao is proud to be one of the founding Panvala League communities. With this upcoming league batch, each community has crafted goals that will benefit their own community.

Under this premise, DXdao desires to award projects in the DeFi space that are critical and doing great work.

All the donations that come in through the Panvala/Gitcoin round will be split evenly between the award winners.

Award winners will also receive Non-Fungible Trophies in recognition.

DXdao and the DeFi community will get to nominate and determine the Award Winners.

The two projects that have been identified by the community as award nominees are:

WalletConnect is an open source protocol for connecting decentralized applications to mobile wallets with QR code scanning or deep linking. A user can interact securely with any Dapp from their mobile phone, making WalletConnect wallets a safer choice compared to desktop or browser extension wallets.


Reality.eth is an on-chain smart contract oracle. It can be used by people and contracts alike to get the answers to any question that humans know the answer to. Integrations built to date include WeTrust, and Omen, via the Gnosis Smart Contract Framework. It is currently deployed to Ethereum mainnet and XDai.

Discussion is open here.

After discussion, the next step will be to perform an official signal proposal on xDXdao allowing REP holders to support or oppose the proposed award winners.


Haven’t had the chance to use WalletConnect, so no strong opinions there, but looks really sad. I don’t know how it still works, but from the website I get the impression it is abandoned, but the site is still live. They could use some help. But that’s the opposite of nominating the best. Also, how critical it is to have it for Omen and are there any other alternatives?

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Reality has actually been a pretty reliable, easy to use oracle and they were there with us during the xDai transition when we needed. I support rewarding them.


@sky Cool initiative sky! I’m wondering what are Non-Fungible trophies that sounds very interesting :thinking:

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@Violet glad you asked.

You can see details of the Award winners in Q3 2020 here:

And the non-fungible trophies here (before NFTs were cool!):

What would be even cooler is that we could gift the NFTs and owned by the NFT is conditional token that becomes 1 DXD as DXdao succeeds!

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