Nissa Contributor Proposal August 16 - September 17, 2021

Hello, My name is Nissa Szabo (Szabo Strategies), and I’m submitting my formal proposal to be the Marketing Lead as a full-time contributor to DXdao, and the DXdao current and future product suite.

I’ve had the opportunity to introduce myself to many of you on the Biz Dev call and DXer voice as well as personally speak with @Melanie @Tammy @JohnKelleher @Powers @Keenan and @sky. I will be reaching out to more of you over the coming weeks, if you feel inclined, please reach out to me (Discord: ニッサ#7015) (Keybase: nissas)

As a Marketing Lead Contributor with DXdao, My goal is to build a cohesive marketing strategy with an overarching narrative, identify and leverage current assets, opportunities and partnerships, identify other necessary assets, opportunities and partnerships that will bring in more aligned contributors, product users and community members.

In conversation with other collaborators, we believe it’s best to include a one month explorative phase to ensure to take stock of all DXdao marketing strategies and assets. We want to ensure DXdao is building from a strong foundation, and utilizing all existing and potential opportunities. A strong foundation will catalyze long-term growth and success.

August 16 - September 17, 2021

Proposed scope of contribution:

Explorative Ramp up 50%

  • Speak with squad leaders to identify:
    • All current ongoing marketing projects with DXdao, Swapr, Omen and Aqua
    • Current systems in place
    • Gaps that need to be filled
    • Opportunities to capitalize on
    • Which strategies best fit the mission, values and goals of DXdao
    • Get a handle on all existing marketing, communications and community strategies and outreach
  • Create / update ‘source of truth’ document
    • Add all explorative info collected to a document that can be easily understood and shared with collaborators current + future
    • Connect the dots between the various collaborators

Research other DAO’s 25%

  • Identify who is doing great marketing in the DAO space
  • Who’s marketing do we admire
  • Identify potential collaborators / partners

Building Strategy 25%

  • Build wireframe strategy to then be fully built and implemented in the coming months
  • Use gathered information to write more in depth and longer term proposal
  • Assist Caden in reviewing and selecting a branding agency for Omen.


  • Past Experience: I have direct experience as a marketing lead for DeFi products.4+ years in DeFi and 10+ years in emerging technologies. (See below for more detailed information)
  • Level 5 Full time
  • One month trial salary (Level 5 at 75%)
    • $6,000 (Dai) for one month salary 50% to be paid once the proposal gets approved and 50% on or after 09/17/2021 when the work agreement finishes
    • $2,250 (DXD) 50% vested after a 1-year cliff and the remaining $2,250 (DXD) after the first year on a linear schedule
    • 0.125% REP

Work Experience:

  • 10+ years working in disruptive and emerging technologies. 4 years working in DeFi.
  • One of the first team members at AirSwap, a ConsenSys Mesh DEX Protocol. Here I lead the Marketing, Communications and Community strategy and implementation. Lead the team through our successful token sale, and initial product launch. Received PR placements in Bloomberg, CNBC and other mainstream and industry specific publications.
  • Started and managed Szabo Strategies, a strategy consultancy working with clients in emerging technologies including AI/ML, Robotics, DeFi and Blockchain. I focus on building go-to-market strategies that include building strong partnerships and collaborations, clear and cohesive communications for clients to build long-term trust with clients and community members. Former clients include bloXroute Labs, Element AI, Hyr and others.
  • Co-Founded Out iOS App. Lead the app as the CEO from idea inception to wireframes to a working app to beta testing. Spoke at and pitched the app at events and conferences around the world.
  • A former technology Government Affairs professional who is dedicated to paving a way for innovation to thrive. Worked on Equity Based Crowdfunding legislation, Sharing economy legislation. Worked with large and small companies including: Lyft, Visa, Google, Microsoft and many others.

I had the opportunity to communicate with Nissa over the past few weeks to fulfill this role at DXdao. Looking forward to having her take on these Marketing initiatives at DXdao!


I had 17 minutes scheduled call today with Nissa that extended to an hour. She’s insightful, entrepreneurial. and long-term traveller with exposure to different cultures. Her experience will help DXdao strategize the marketing campaigns further. I look forward to collaborating with her and has my support.


Self Reflection -

Current working document:

Explorative ramp up -

  • I’ve spoken with 85%+ of DXdao contributors on one-on-one calls (some people multiple calls) to get to know them, why they chose DXdao, and to learn their perspective of DXdao. Thank you to each person who took the time to share, offer insights and welcome me as a contributor.
  • I’m working to schedule with the remaining 15% (If I haven’t met you yet, I look forward to it)
  • After each call I had plenty of research and reading based on something I learned on the call, or a resource that was given to me. (DAO Talks, DXdocs, Keybase Channels, Discords etc.)
  • Please see document above to review some findings on current ongoing marketing projects, gaps that need to be filled, opportunities to capitalize on and more.

Research other DAO’s 25%

  • Researched other DAO’s in the space (see link above)
  • No real read on whose marketing we like, DXdao is incredibly unique, even within the DAO community, we’ll be charting this territory.
  • Did comparison research between various DAO’s

Building Wireframe Strategy 25%

  • See doc above for direction ideas, goals and proposed direction of strategy.
  • Still need more information on “True North”
  • Plan to focus on finding consensus on processes and structures we can put in place to streamline announcements and communication. Also to stay focused.


  • Assisted with edits and recommendations for Swapr launch - tried to catch up on as much as possible to help.
  • Found another video production company and got quotes Kasra Design
  • Assisting Caden with Omen Branding, clarity on needs and finding an agency
  • Editing and offered recommendations for Hats blog post

Did well:

  • Meeting fellow contributors, I’m really grateful for the time with each contributor. I feel like I’ve been able to build an initial rapport, and look forward to building upon this and collaborating.
  • Collecting information, themes of discussion and opportunities to fill gaps.
  • When presenting my work people on the DXvoice squad said it captured areas where they also noticed gaps.

Did okay:

  • Managing time and projects. It’s a challenge to balance long-term goals with immediate and pressing needs.
  • DAO comparison, and learning about other DAO’s. I would like a better understanding if there are other communications channels they’re using.

Needs improvement:

  • I underestimated how many moving pieces there would be, and the differences between a DAO and other types of organizations, I had hoped to have more concrete deliverables, but between the many conversations, catching up on DXdao reading and current projects I still have a ways to go. It seems like some of this is natural as growth, building and priorities are unfolding.