Nick Stracke - Contributor Proposal [10/11/2021 - 9/12/2021]

Nick - Contributor Proposal 10/11/2021 - 9/12/2021


I learned about DXdao when I met some members at the DAOist in Lisbon. I had very nice conversations there and continued talking to them during the next two days at Liscon. Everyone was really welcoming to me and I was looking for a DAO to join to expand my skill set which made a good match.

During my studies I worked on several smaller full-stack web applications. I mostly worked with Laravel and the Vue ecosystem such as Nuxt and Vuetify. Recently I have been getting more into React as well. I helped build munichNFT which is a platform for local artists to easily mint their artwork and display it. Additionally, I have two apps in the PlayStore and AppStore that I built with Flutter.

I got into crypto at the end of 2017 but that was more for research and investment purposes. Only at the start of this year I started buidling in the Web3 space. Currently, I’m in the 3rd semester of my Master in Data Science. Even though I would like to dive deeper into Web3 and focus my career on it, I would still like to finish my master which is why I can only contribute part time.


1 month or 40 hours (whichever comes first)

Proposed Scope of Contribution:

  • Goals:
    • Get to know DXdao and its products better by contributing on Github
    • Further discuss a dashboard for DXstats on fees collected by Swapr
    • Research #474 for a few hours and see how to best implement it
  • Responsibilities:
    • Stay in touch with Venky to find issues that I could work on
    • These are the issues I have been working on so far:
      • Add utilization to token pairs on the Swapr dashboard: #28, #30
      • Add fee level to token pair: #31
      • Bug fixes: #27

Time commitment - Part-time trial period

  • I will be completing the trial period over 1 month or 40 hours (whichever comes first). Afterwards, I will make a proposal for the next 2 months, part-time at 15-20 hours per week.
  • The next proposal will have more detailed insights into my responsibilities and time commitment.


Experience Level: 2

  • Salary - Calculated from full time 40hr week at trial 50% rate:
    • $625 DAI for trial period ($1250 * 50%)
    • $375 DXD for trial period ($750 * 50%) in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff when the work agreement finishes (09/12/2021)
    • 0.0417% REP (50% rate)

Work Experience:


Welcome @kliyer ! It was nice to meet you in Lisbon and exciting that you will be joining us at DXdao :slight_smile:


Big welcome @kliyer !

Additionally, I have two apps in the PlayStore and AppStore that I built with Flutter.

Any chance you can share those apps?

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Yes for sure!

Brily on Google Play
‎Brily on the App Store (
ML Idea Marketplace on Google Play
‎ML Idea Marketplace on the App Store (

Both apps were developed with a good friend of mine.

Brily is an app for students living in dormitories with shared facilities to help them organize their daily tasks. We kick started the app ourselves and managed to get some support from a local housing company but in the end we shut it down because it wasn’t as successful as we hoped it would be.

The second app was developed for a local incubator closely tied to the university. They use it for sharing ideas and finding co-founders.


My proposal is live.
You can find it here!