[new user presentation] Hello!


I am a new user, and I wanted to introduce myself to the community.
This is a short summary of how I ended up here:

  1. I recently discovered the Omen project and tried to current implementation on xDAI and I find it quite promising.
  2. I read that there will be a OMN token launch, with some OMN airdropped to DXD holders. So, after some preliminary research, I decided to buy some DXD.
  3. Reading more and more, I find this DAO very interesting (I like the Swapr project too) and I think I want to join the community here in the forum and follow its progress :slight_smile:

That’s all for now!

I’ll see/read you around in the forum! :call_me_hand:


welcome to the community. it nice to have you.