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New here? The Genesis DAO community bids you welcome! This thread is where you can ask any questions you have about getting started in the Genesis community. This can look different for each person, and since we are still a very experimental stage and we are all still learning what it means be part of a DAO, it’s normal to feel confused and need orientation.

So the most important rule here: there are no stupid questions!

Key Resources to guide you

Don’t be shy, and ask away :slight_smile:

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A big question I have is how long proposals remain open, and if they close “early” if there is a clear margin.

Also, in new DAOs, how are funds in ETH or other tokens added?

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Hey Paul,
Regular proposals have a period of 30 days to be boosted.
When enough stake for boosting is added the proposal has a pending phase of 1 day, where it could be down staked back to the regular phase.
Once boosted, proposals are up for voting for 4 days, unless the quiet ending feature is activated.
The quiet ending prevents last minute malicious manipulation of the voting results by adding two extra days in case the decision flips from pass to fail and vice-versa in the last hours of the proposal.
These are the Genesis parameters but every DAO can customize their own

The funds are sent to the DAO address, I don’t have a detailed technical answer here but can look that up if that’s what you’re looking for


Thanks Livia! This is very helpful in thinking about the different phases of the proposal and how to upvote / downvote proposals you think the community should or should not pay more attention to.

It did come to mind that one could stake prediction on an evenly-split proposal right before the deadline, especially if you have enough reputation to swing the vote.

For funding of DAOs, that’s enough to get me started :slight_smile: I’ll keep looking into it.


Staking is no longer available once the proposal is boosted. So staking on an evenly split proposal before the “regular” deadline would boost it and add the 4 days voting period to it

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A question I have is: how is a dao technically created? Is it a bunch of smart contract scripts that somebody needs to run on main net to convert something like the dao kitchen canvass into a real dao?

Do you need to be a technical wizard to do this?

I have seen uses a dao wizard tool to walk you in. And I know sombebody from WoodShares that did this himself.

Can somebody with no tach skills create his on dao on testnet? I hear Pat talking about setting parameters. Which parameters need to be set?

Those are more than one wuestions but all related.

Please enlighten me.


@Runy! Thanks for your question! I hope you can come to the “baby steps to start your own DAO” call today at 4pm CEST, it’s a good place to clarify this!

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And if you were not able to make it, checking out the slides and video from this session is hopefully useful!