Nathan's Worker Proposal 3/16/21 – 5/26/21 /updated/

Hi, peeps! :innocent:

A bit of background:

Summary of and reflection on my work to help you evaluate my contribution and arrive at a decision. /I will not rush to submit this to Alchemy until a few days later, giving you time to comment if you feel the need for it. :wink:/:

As a business developer, I primarily care about raising public awareness of our products, growing our satisfied user base and stakeholders’ value, through work on both B2B & D2C relations. Although, personally, my alignment with the DAO is first and foremost ideological, and far less financial, I do wish to be an active member of the organization and be able to participate in decision making, so the time has come to revisit my worker proposal and hopefully earn my first reputation. I may forget to mention something, but here it is:

  • Initially, I needed to get a feel of the status quo, so I conducted a survey as an attempt to gain a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses as an organisation. The results showed me the conviction shared by the team, which was only dampened by the unanimous acknowledgement of the lack of time and human resource as our primary hurdle in acting on our ambition. I found this information of great benefit.

  • That led me to dedicating time trying to attract skilled contributors to our organization. I am glad my search brought good results.
    I can call Melanie a friend, as she has been very helpful to me, and also it really warms my heart when she reaches out to me, whenever I can be of assistance.

  • I use the time-zone difference to help keep an eye on our social media channels /Discord, Telegram/ at odd hours and chime in whenever community members need help. I try to be active and promote our services organically without overdoing it, not to achieve the opposite effect and turn someone away.

  • I also began creating memes, which in my opinion are valuable brand assets /a picture is worth a thousand words/. Interestingly enough, it is helping me with stress as well. I will also start sharing those on my Twitter feed.

  • I have been attending the daily calls of the Mesa team. I tried to attract a very skilled developer to come on board and fill the gap in our dev team. At one point it was almost a sure thing, but in the end it didn’t work out. I am also trying to find a studio to outsource the front end work. There is one which might work out soon, but it’s not a done deal yet. I am also happy helping Martin and Nico with the documentation. In general, I definitely see my presence in the squad as a positive, supporting the team and sharing opinion when I am able to. In a recent chat with Keenan and Zett we discussed how important it is for a team to be able to keep up the pace in the absence of the lead. I can attest that when Martin took a few days off for a holiday, Adam, Hamza, Nico and I kept working and communicating without disruption.

  • It is somewhat a similar experience with the marketing and communications squad. I have been happily attending meetings whenever possible and I do believe that my input brings value in reaching consensus and the overall decision making process. I hope that I’ve made it clear that I am always sharing my honest opinion and speaking my mind without reservation, yet luckily, my character isn’t such that I’d expect things to go my way /there is no ‘mI way’, only the WEi/. Given the limited resources, I believe the squad is doing great. Thanks to Keenan and John, tere are amazing people joining us lately and I’m very optimistic and excited for what’s to come.

For fear of jinxing it, I try to avoid mentioning something before I have good reasons to believe it may happen. There are businesses I have had or I am still having conversations with. There are also others that I haven’t even successfully gotten throught to yet /not for the lack of trying/. One hardly ever knows with certainty when an initiative will fall through or one will manage to pull it through within a desired timeframe. It takes both patience and perseverance, one just has to constantly keep being creative and move forward. It can mess up sleep and one can’t tell a week day from the weekend, but when you love what you do, it doesn’t take too big of a toll. Sometimes a breakthrough can be achieved in just an hour, somethimes it takes months. Also, at times one comes up with ideas that don’t meet wide approval, but for me it is just a part of the process of thinking outside the box.

  • It took a while, but we finally managed to get Swapr on CoingGecko.
  • With Sky’s support and building on his prior relationship with 1inch, we are officially in the queue to list Swapr.
  • Following up on John’s idea and with Keenan and Federico’s help we got Swapr on DeFi Llama.
  • In the near future we’ll consider DeFi Pulse.
  • Together with Keenan we’re working on getting DXdao, Swapr and Omen on DeBank. We might need everyone’s support to upvote a proposal soon, but first Keenan will pull some strings.
  • We’ve got a promise to get Swapr on LiquidityFolio.
  • We’ve got contacts at ETH Global, and we’ll revisit the connection with a solid plan moving forward once we have a fully-formed marketing and communictions squad.
  • There is interest to explore a partnership with the team at GitCoin, involving Omen, Mesa and Swapr. To be revisited in July as per their request.
  • We have initiated contact with organizations that can bring DXventures in on investment opportunities, in our pursuit of supporting teams tackling pain points in DeFi, in order to help grow the ecosystem. This will also be benefitial to our product suite, especially Mesa and Swapr.
  • With the support from John, Geronimo, Sky and Chris, we took productive steps to improve our relationship with the team at xDai, resulting in really exciting developments.

I acknowledge that I personally could have definitely done a better job. There’s this saying I like a lot: “Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move.” Hardly anyone does this in their worker proposals, buy I wish to convey to you what I expect from you. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that data is the new gold, and that communication is the key to successful teams. We’re doing great, but starting with myself, let’s all please, move even more out of love, and less out of fear. Please forgive me if I’ve done something out of fear, it’s not who I am nor I want to be. Whatever I do comes from my heart.

I was recently reminded by the contributor experience squad that this proposal is a bit overdue and that within the next two weeks I’ll have to follow up with a proposal for the next period. When I first submitted my proposal I couldn’t have included any of the above, because honestly I had no clue what would happen. I only knew that I wanted to give it my best. I hope the results are not disappointing. There is a lot to follow up on, and a lot more to achieve. I’m sure many new opportunities will spring up, but I’ll struggle a little trying to be precize in what to expect to be delivered in the next period, apart from assuring you that I’m commiting to the cause again at 100%.

The more you help me, the more I can help, and I believe we’ve all done great. Thank you! :heart:

Experience: please see the two links at the beginning of the proposal.

Full-time: 40h+ week
Level: 1
Request is for 2.5 months, with 1.5 months /6 weeks/ on date of proposal’s approval, and the remaining 1 month /4 weeks/ due on end of proposal period.
REP: 0.175% on approval of proposal – for the first 6 weeks; + 0.1333% at the end of period – for its last 4 weeks.
DXD: On the day of proposal approval, $2100 /4DXD/ locked with 50% vesting after 1 year of the worker contract start date /03/16/21/, and the remaining 50% is vested through a linear schedule after the 1-year cliff, fully vested at 2 years. On end of proposal period, $1600 /3DXD/ locked with 50% vesting after 1 year of the worker contract start date /03/16/21/, and the remaining 50% is vested through a linear schedule after the 1-year cliff, fully vested at 2 years.
BASE /DAI/: request for compensation for first 6 weeks on the day of passing the proposal - $4200, with the remaining 4-week compensation due on the day the proposal period ends - $3200.


L1 makes no sens to me, for this you have way too much crypto knowledge. I understand that you are not in for the money, most of us are not, but we should not underpay people.


I agree with @martinkrung. I recall wanted to start at L5, but you were advised to start at a lower level and move up slowly. L5 to L1 makes no sense. I would place you at L4 given your experience and contribution to Mesa. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words, Martin, Adam.
What matters is that I’m happy, it is my choice. If there is a need, we can change that later. It’s too early.
In a weird way it gives me a chance to make others happy. I’ll explain why. There was a time many years ago when I wanted to change my vocation, but I left my previous work place before I had secured a new one. I was invited to attend interviews, but shockingly the outcome of three consecutive interviews was the same - my managers-to-be were saying that they wouldn’t be comfortable being my seniors as I had more experience than them. Just damn luck. With the high rents in London, in just few months I was homeless /don’t worry, not in a bad way/, and I had to sell my laptop, throw away luggage and couch surf with friends. Short after, I found a good fit and everything was back to normal. But what I learned in that period was that if I compared myself to people who were doing better than me, I’d get depressed. Most interestingly, the opposite was also valid - I saw many people less fortunate, rough sleeping in the streets, and it made me grateful of what I had and less worried about myself. So, me being happy with l1 should somehow make everyone else in the org feel better about themselves, too. And I mean that in a good way, I am also happy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This whole period was 2.5 months, full-time as lev1.

  • Link to my 1st Alchemy request for 1st half of payment -1.5 months /6 weeks/, which just passed: Alchemy | DAOstack

  • Link to my 2nd Alchemy request /pending/ at end-of-period for the 2nd half -1 month /4 weeks/, ending today 26th May: Alchemy | DAOstack
    Pending request is:
    REP: 0.1333%
    DXD: remaining 50% $1600 locked with vesting; worker contract start date /03/16/21/
    BASE /DAI/: $3200

As I submitted my Alchemy request for the 1st half of payment late in my worker period, I end up using the same daotalk post /the one above/ for both.